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August 14, 2012 by MickeyTravels

Those boardwalks on the coasts come alive during the summer as beach goers come for the fun of games, ice cream, and the thrills.  However, at Disney’s California Adventure, Paradise Pier wouldn’t be complete with its boardwalk thrill California Screamin‘!

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Disney’s California Screamin; is a heart-pounding roller coaster that takes you for an adrenaline rush through Paradise Pier.  Once buckled up, the ride train takes off and makes a short stop right before entering the launch hill.  Guests are given a scenic view of Mickey’s Fun Wheel and Paradise Bay.  When the countdown hits, you better hold on because in less than 5 seconds, your train boosts at full speed and up you go on that lift hill!

On Disney’s California Screamin‘, you go through the ups and dips and some sharp curves while taking in the coastal breeze that the state of California embraces for its beaches!  As you dive on this roller coaster, you can hear music pumping through the speakers.  The music makes you feel that you are part of the summer and to make the most of it before heading back to the books this fall!  Unique to California Screamin’ is the addition of a loop.  Having a loop on a Disney roller coaster is pretty radical considering that most of the rides do not have inversions.  With the exception of Hong Kong Disneyland, at Disney theme parks worldwide there is at least one ride that carries an inversion!

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Just before the summer, guests could enjoy a special version known as Rockin’ California Screamin’ which ran from early January til early April.  Rockin’ California Screamin’ featured a special soundtrack by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  However, this soundtrack has been removed and now only features the original soundtrack.  The roller coaster also originally had a ”Mickey” shape behind the loop but as part of the park’s expansion, the shape was replaced by a sun. So hold on to those sunglasses because the summer fun is here with Disney’s California Screamin’ beating out the famous boardwalks we know coast to coast!

Trivia- Disney roller coasters with an inversion:

  • Space Mountain: Mission 2 (Disneyland Paris)
  • Raging Spirits (Tokyo Disneysea)
  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith (Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Walt Disney Studios Park)
  • Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril (Disneyland Paris)

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