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Disney Cast Members

When we visit Disney Parks, the magic is alive at every turn.  But what about the people who work behind the magic to ensure that we see it happen before our very own eyes?  Disney Cast Members play a major role in making the Disney magic happen to put smiles, tears, and laughter on our faces for an unforgettable Disney vacation!

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The Disney Cast Member roles range from proving tours, preparing props for shows and parades, to even cooking and photography.  Every role is a starring role for the people who work behind the scenes at the Disney parks.  If you were to work as a Disney Cast Member, what role would you star in?  Would you be the chef, photographer, or the ride operator?  What ride would you want to work in?

Outside the parks, Disney careers go beyond making it a huge network that it even expands overseas due to Disney in Asia and Europe.  Hong Kong Disneyland will soon be bringing their Halloween season and are now out recruiting for talented people who can join their team to put on some ghoulish delights on their guests!  Now this is an alternative for the grown ups who can no longer get Halloween candy!  For college students looking for a challenge and a great experience, they can participate in Disney’s College Program which allows them to take a course for credit and apply their learning on their Disney job.

careers at Disney

Another career as a Disney Cast Member is Imagineering where talent comes into turning sketches of Disney rides/entertainment into the real thing!  So what is the best way to get into working for Disney?  First, get a well-rounded education!  Having a college (or advanced) degree in something that relates to what you want to do at Disney puts you at the front of the line.  Remember, Disney Cast Members are very diverse in their fields!  So think carefully what kind of jobs you would like to do!  Many factors come into play when choosing the right job such as title, experience, education background, salary, location, and so forth.  This sounds like a lot, which is, but the best way to get into Disney is to never stop learning (either through school or independently) and hone the skills that you’re really good at.  With your unique education and skills, there comes the magic that Disney fans seek when they head out to the parks!  You are the star!  You are the Disney Cast Member!

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