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Rachel Miller – Texas Disney Travel Agent

Hi! My name is Rachel Miller!Rachel Miller

I live in Grand Prairie, Texas and I’m here to help make your dreams come true on your next Disney vacation!

My whole life has revolved around Disney movies, music, cartoons, and finding joy in practically every situation. My room growing up was Mickey themed. Though I had nearly a 20-year hiatus between my visit to Disney World as a 5-year-old and my next visit at age 24, my heart remained closely tied to all things Disney. Since my visit at age 24, I have been back to the amazing Walt Disney World Resort over 10 times! I never get tired of the pure joy I feel every time I step onto a monorail or get my first glimpse of Cinderella’s Castle.

There are so many things to experience and know to make your vacation simply magical. That’s where I come in! My job is to make all the plans, keep you updated on new changes, and take the load off your shoulders when it comes to your vacation.

I love researching and planning Disney trips that consider your specific needs and wants. From experiencing the parks with kids of all ages (infants to grandparents that are kids at heart), I can help you maximize the best parts of Disney! Have some members of your party with mobility concerns? I have direct experience with scooter and wheelchair visits. I want to make your entire party’s dreams come true!

And remember that all planning services are free to you! Let’s plan your next magical adventure together!

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