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Nina Fahrneholtz – New Orleans Disney Travel Agent

Hi my name is Nina Fahrenholtz!

Disney package discountsI live right outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. I am a mom to the most amazing little boy with a heart of gold, and I was lucky enough to meet and marry my prince charming. I have always had a love for Disney. I was 6 years old the first time I experienced the magic and went back every year until my senior year of high school.

My husband and I were planning to get married in Disney World, but Hurricane Katrina had a different plan for us. I have to say the real obsession started with my little boy’s first trip to WDW. It was 2009, he was 2 years old and already could not wait to meet Mickey. A few days before our trip I heard him talking to the tv, while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, saying, “I’ll see you in Disney World, Mickey. That’s right, Mickey, I’m going to Disney World”. From that moment, I knew it was going to be the best experience for all of us.

When we arrived at the Magic Kingdom on the first day, we got there just in time for the parade. The look on my little boy’s face was priceless. It brought tears to our eyes and it’s a memory we can hold onto forever. We have made it a tradition to go every December to make more unforgettable memories to hold in our hearts forever. It has been my dream for some time to become a Disney Travel agent, so that I can help you make these special memories with your loved ones that you too can hold onto forever.

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What my clients have to say...

Nina is the sweetest and most informative Disney Travel Agent! I have booked 4 Disney World vacations since 2012 and they were all magical from the very beginning thanks to Nina! She did everything from booking rooms, dinners, fast passes and gave me advice and tips to make the days easier with the kids. I had no idea what I was doing and she went above and beyond to figure out what dinners and extras would work best for my family while trying to get us the best deal possible!

I would and HAVE recommended Nina to all of my friends and family! Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a first-time Disney vacationer, Nina can offer information on Disney parks, restaurants, rides and shows! She is extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, and always willing to answer questions and provide insight to make your trip absolutely perfect!!! Even after 7 trips to Walt Disney World, I still find myself relying on her experience for tips to make my next trip magical!

Nina Fahrenholtz has been a miracle for me! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Walt Disney Vacation! I was originally referred to her by a friend and the recommendation was one of the best I've gotten! First, Nina had taken the time to find what our needs were for our WDW vacation. She made sure to fit everything within the budget we needed, and ensured all our accommodations were exactly what we needed for our guest. She made last minute changes for us absolutely delightful. When we arrived, check-in was a breeze, she had reservations for all our meals each day, helped me with somethings even while we were in one of the parks!! She checked on us after the trip and let me know when certain things are happening in the parks! I've never felt pressure from her just to get a reservation for a Walt Disney vacation. She has helped (she has actually done everything for us, hotel reservations, park tickets, changed my password to the site to manage the trip, dinner reservations for each day we were at the parks, reserved a mobile scooter and even changed a reservation at one restaurant I didn't care for) me completely plan a second vacation, THEN change the dates for the entire trip and did it all over again! Did I mention that all of this was done and she NEVER seemed flustered or upset at all! She only wanted to make sure we were happy with everything... even after all of that! Nina, you are the greatest! Thank you for everything you continue to do for us!


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