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Lisa Ismert – Texas Disney Travel Agent

Hi!  My name is Lisa Ismert!

Hi, from TEXAS!  I believe in taking the people you love to the places you love, the very special places where you can still sense your own childhood while seeing the delight in the faces of dear ones feeling the Disney magic!

Disney trips are always unforgettable and I still have strong memories from my first visit when I was in 6th grade!  I would love to help you plan, experience and remember every step.  When you look at all the great Disney things: cruise ships, theme & water parks, great food & entertainment, stories & characters, comfortable & fun places to stay and adventures across the globe; there’s so much to consider!

I am here to help!  My services are ALWAYS FREE and I’m dedicated to guiding you through all that Disney offers -and Disney has a ton to offer!  I have such a heart for Disney and I want you to know it just like my family and I know it (Campbell Jane age 9, Van age 5 and my wanna-be Disney expert husband Izzy).  We have Disney experiences in Florida and California.  My heart for taking people step by step through their Disney experience pours out from my time guiding many people through the Rocky Mountains on week long backpacking trips!  I’ve helped 1st time mountain hikers to the top of the mountain and I want to help any and all of you have the time of your life on a Disney trip!

Just like there’s fast and slow hikers, I know there’s different styles and expectations for a trip to Disney.  I will help you if your style is to see it all and do it all or if your style is more relaxed.  Let’s Disney!

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