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Kyra Surmiak – Florida Disney Travel Agent

Hi! My name is Kyra Surmiak!Kyra Surmiak

Who am I?

I am your new best friend. My name’s Kyra and  I’m here to help you earn your ears. Buckle in and let’s do Disney. I love all things within the house of mouse.

For me the passion started with Little Mermaid as a girl and then Belle as an adult with Stitch as my mascot and Mushu as my mantra. I would start  working in aviation as an adult and with it would come  certain perks that allowed for more travel with that experience and a love of planning trips not only for myself but for friends and family.

My husband would eventually point out that as much as I enjoy helping my friends and family plan their perfect getaways, why couldn’t I do it for others and so here I am proud to join the MickeyTravels team and ready to help others and you   plan your next adventure.

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