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Colleen Schumacher – New Jersey Disney Travel Agent

Hi!  My name is Colleen Schumacher!

On our first trip to Disney with our girls, my littlest was just 1 at the time. She was apprehensive of the characters. That is, until she met her! Cinderella, the embodiment of grace and friendliness, walked over to my cowering girl, and played peekaboo with her.  That moment, with her giggling and climbing out of my arms to Cinderella will forever be etched in my mind as pure magic.

Disney is a place where magic literally happens on every corner. From watching my oldest daughter shout at characters during the Festival of Fantasy parade “It’s Tinkerbell! I know her.” To seeing Pooh Bear kiss my girls on their on her noses. To having a muscle making contest with Gaston. To watching my oldest ride the Barnstormer rollercoaster for the first time and seeing the fear turn to pure joy, Disney will fill you with so many memories and you’ll constantly see the magic, especially through your kids’ eyes.

My role here is to just help you plan and take the stress out of it so you can just go and make your own magical memories. Whether you’re a seasoned vet and know what you want to do and just want someone to help you with the heavy lifting or you’re going on your first trip and don’t know where to start, I’m here to help.

I can book hotels, dining, shows, rides, events and so much more and the best part is all these services are 100% FREE to you!

I look forward to working with you to build your own magical vacation!

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What my clients have to say...

As first time Disney-goers, it was easy to get intimidated by all the pre-Disney vacation decisions that needed to be made. Colleen took all the guess work out of planning. She helped us book the right hotel for us, meal plan, fast pass selections and more! Without Colleen we’d still be trying to figure out what to do. Partner with Colleen to make the most of your experience!


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