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MickeyTravels, LLC Earns Platinum Earmarked Status

January 3, 2016



LONG VALLEY, NJ (January 4, 2016) – MickeyTravels, LLC is excited to announce today that it has been awarded by Disney Destinations with PLATINUM Earmarked status, the highest status level within Disney’s Earmarked Program.

MickeyTravels, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, is recognized nationally as a leader in the Disney travel industry and is proud to offer free vacation planning services for all Disney Destinations throughout the world.

Being designated with PLATINUM Earmarked status places MickeyTravels in exclusive company.  Last year, only six travel agencies in the world earned PLATINUM level status making this a very elite group within the Disney travel industry.

“This is an amazing accomplishment for MickeyTravels.  I am very excited to share this distinction with our team.  I firmly believe we have the best travel agents in the world representing MickeyTravels,” said Elyssa Antonelle, MickeyTravels’ President.  “The PLATINUM Earmarked designation is a direct result of our agents’ keen knowledge of Disney destinations and the manner in which they handle each vacation as if it were their own, hence our slogan, “Making Magic One Vacation at a Time…”

MickeyTravels is the travel agency of choice for tens of thousands of families across the United States and they are proud to book Disney vacations exclusively.  This specialty has enabled their agents to develop ongoing expertise in every Disney destination, which greatly benefits their clients.

“Our clients regularly tell us they love the way we focus solely on Disney”, Antonelle continued.  “Being a Disney-only agency allows us to share our unbridled passion for Disney with our clients, ensuring their entire vacation planning process is truly magical.”

Disney Destinations recently released many exciting new deals and discounts.  Visit www.mickeytravels.com to learn how MickeyTravels can make all your Disney vacation dreams come true and to book a magical vacation you and your family will remember forever.  You can find their agents easily by clicking here.

For more information, please contact Elyssa Antonelle at 1-888-812-8750 or elyssa@mickeytravels.com


MickeyTravels Agent Virtual Meet & Greet – Julie Hauck

August 27, 2014

MickeyTravels is excited about our new initiative – The MickeyTravels Agent Virtual Meet & Greet. We will feature a different MickeyTravels agent on a daily basis. We’re proud to have the best Disney Travel agents in the world as part of our MickeyTravels team and this will allow you to get to know them even better. Today the spotlight shines on Julie Hauck from Cincinnati, OH!

Name: Julie Hauck

Where are you from? Cincinnati, Ohio

First memory of Disney? I was actually too young to remember my first trips but I do remember my brother crying to see Tinkerbell fly while on the monorail. My parents were awesome and we returned to the Magic Kingdom to see her fly!

MickeyTravels Agent Virtual Meet & Greet

What makes Disney MAGICAL in your eyes? I have been going for almost 30 years and so much of it never changes. You can count on the ability to share memories with your kids that you experienced with your parents. In a world of constant change, the stability of Disney is comforting.

Favorite Disney destination and why? It is a very hard decision between specifically visiting Magic Kingdom and Castaway Cay Adult beach (Disney’s private island). They are both magical so I would have to say land & sea vacation to experience both! 😉

Favorite Disney Character and why? It was Tinkerbell for most of my life, but I have to admit I love Elsa! Apparently I have an affinity for the characters with a little more depth and attitude.

Favorite Disney Attraction and why? Oh this one is so hard… but I would have to say Tower of Terror. Probably because I have been on it so many times but still get a little scared watching the movie in the stormy library!

Favorite Disney Resort and why? The Polynesian because of the monorail, the tropical vibe, and Ohana!

Disney travel agent

Favorite Disney Restaurant and why? Ohana for dinner! My whole family loves it! The food is amazing, the atmosphere is relaxing and entertaining, and as the name implies it is very family oriented.

Favorite Disney Quick Service Restaurant and why? Columbia Harbor House because it is just different than the others and has unique options.

3 Disney characters you’d like to have dinner with and why? Elsa and Tinkerbell because they are my favorites and also Anna because she is my son’s favorite.

Favorite Disney snack and why? The Pineapple Dole Whip float. It is so refreshing on a hot day and you can only get them at Disney and in Hawaii at the Dole plantation!

Favorite Disney Movie and why? I could never pick one. Of course Frozen is up there. I also love Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid.

3 Favorite Disney Song and why? Let it Go (everyone’s favorite because it is beautiful and powerful), Gaston (because I love Gaston and he reminds me of my brother with his muscles) and Part of your World (my brother and I used to belt this out on the swingset)

Disney character you’re most similar to and why? Well I used to have long hair so everyone called me Rapunzel but right now probably Cinderella because I clean up a lot after my toddler 🙂

Tower of Terror

If you could be one Disney mascot for a day who would it be and why? Elsa, I love her hair and dress and she is just cool!

If you could work at one of the Disney theme parks, what job would you want and why? Secret, I DID work there! I worked there in college for 6 months in the college program and got to make Dole whips, Turkey legs, funnel cakes, hot dogs, etc. I never would have wanted to work in food but at Disney it was awesome. I had 4 different costumes, made tons of friends, lived just outside Disney property, got to see all the holiday parades and fireworks, got to go in the tunnels under Magic Kingdom everyday and got to learn things you would never know without working there!

Best part about being a MickeyTravels Disney Travel Agent? Planning first trips for kids and my favorite ones are when parents or grandparents have already been and they are anticipating the reactions of their kids and grandkids!

Why should I book my vacation with you? Because I worked there and go all the time! I have been as a kid, tween, teen, single girl, engaged woman, as a newlywed, on a babymoon, and with my young son! I have a ton of experience and can relay what I have learned on all my trips to you. Plus I LOVE Disney and want everyone to have the PERFECT trip! I will work tirelessly to make perfect for you and your family!

Feel free to reach out to Julie with any questions or comments. Julie can be reached at julie@mickeytravels.com or 1-513-313-9531. She can also be found on our website at www.mickeytravels.com/julie






Breakfast at Whispering Canyon Cafe

August 27, 2014

In June, I stayed at The Wilderness Lodge for the first time and loved it! My Mom, 14 month old son and I ate breakfast each day at Whispering Canyon Cafe located in the lobby of The Wilderness Lodge. This was also my first time eating at Whispering Canyon. It always amazes me that even though I have been to Disney 30+ times and lived/worked there for 6 months, that there are still things I have not done! Well after that first breakfast, we decided to eat there each morning and really enjoyed it!

The restaurant accepts the Disney Dining Plan and will cost you 1 table service credit for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The menu is American with a country feel. They are known for their all you can eat family style options and the ribs are a dinner time favorite. They also have a variety of healthier options.

healthy options

The prices are a little less for breakfast and should be under $30 per person and lunch and dinner runs more like $15- $50 per person. Keep in mind that the higher prices are for the all you can eat options.

The food was delicious! Everything I ordered that week I loved! Below I have pulled my favorites from the menu on the Disney website!

Eggs Benedict

Poached Eggs on an English Muffin with Canadian Bacon and Barbecue-Hollandaise Sauce served with Western Home Fries


Doc Willis’ Egg White Omelet

with Spinach, Goat Cheese, and Chipotle Pico served with fresh Fruit and a Biscuit


My favorite thing about the restaurant was the servers. I had no idea there was a theme to the restaurant and the first day we noticed that the servers seemed very energetic! I don’t want to spoil the fun but if you do visit make sure to ask for ketchup! We also saw some guests get served with an extra large mug for a glass (like HUGE) and “security” getting called on another guest because of his “special order”. It was all in good fun and my son LOVED it! He especially loved “MJ” a server who would talk smack to everyone! He couldn’t get enough of her!


The service was great too! They were quick and the food was hot. We felt like eating there was faster than a food court which surprised us since you were getting a table service meal.

If you are interested in learning more about a Disney vacation? My services are 100% FREE!

Make it a magical day!

Julie Hauck *o*
Authorized Disney Vacation Planner
MickeyTravels, LLC
1-513-313-9531 (cell)
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