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The Richard Petty Driving Experience at Walt Disney World

My family and I recently returned from a very memorable and amazing Walt Disney World vacation.  It was my 5 year old son’s first time there and it was so emotional and exciting for us to see “The World” through his eyes.  He loved just about everything we saw and did.  He talks about the trip every day and different things we did that pop into his head throughout the day.  It was incredible for all of us.  The adults on this trip also had a memorable experience that none of us will ever forget.  My husband, Dad, Step dad and myself all went to the Richard Petty Driving Experience.

Since the Richard Petty Driving Experience was a first time for all of us we decided to do the ride-along experience this trip.  To say it was awesome is the biggest understatement ever!!  First of all when we checked in at the front desk the people working there were very welcoming and friendly and knowledgeable.  I was extremely nervous and the guy helping us, Dan, was so good about it.  He was joking around with me and putting me at ease.

Disney World Experience

After you check in and sign your waivers you get a wristband that has a code on it and computer stick to record your drive. You then go over to a side wall and put on your driving suit.  They are not very flattering, but you instantly feel cool in them.  Once you have your suit on, they take you outside to the track.  Here is where the adrenaline really kicks in with the Richard Petty Driving Experience!

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You are fitted with a helmet and neck brace and then you wait your turn.  There were only 6 people ahead of us so our wait was not very long.  Once it was our turn, one of the guys takes you over to your car and shows you how to get in.  Being short, this was much more difficult than it looks on TV.  You have to hike your leg way up and then pull yourself in through the window.  You meet your driver while you are being strapped in.  My driver was Ed and he was awesome!!

Disney World Activities

They explain all the gauges and safety features in the car and then they take your picture.  Then it’s pedal to the metal and you are off!  The roar of the engine is so loud and so exciting you can’t help but laugh from the excitement.  Ed pulled us through the first turn and then gunned it down the straight away.  We were going abut 145 down the straightaways.  The g-forces through the curves are crazy!!  You get 3 laps around the track and it’s over in about 1 1/2 minutes.  The rush you feel from the Richard Petty Driving Experience is just incredible.  It was such an amazing experience!!

After the drive is over and you get out of the car, again easier said than done when you are short, they take you back into the building where you can see your ride video.  You can also purchase your ride photo and CD of your drive, as well as Richard Petty merchandise.  This is one opportunity at Walt Disney World that we all would do again in a heartbeat.  Ride-alongs start at $99 and can be added onto any Walt Disney World Vacation package. Highly recommended!

Contact me to learn more and how I can make the Richard Petty Driving Experience a memorable one on your next Disney vacation!

Amy Ross
Authorized Disney Vacation Planner
MickeyTravels, LLC
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