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Exposition Hall at Magic Kingdom

Rainy Days at Walt Disney World

Okay, so you’ve waited this Disney World trip for what seems like forever, have strategically planned dining reservations between a visit to the point A and points B and C, and even managed to wake everyone up on time to be first on the bus.  Park time is maximized, character meet and greets have been arranged… and then it happens.

It rains.

Exposition Hall at Magic Kingdom

Yes, it does rain at the happiest place on earth – even the Imagineers haven’t figured out how to prevent that (yet!).  You should always, always, ALWAYS bring rain ponchos when you head to Florida.  But while the masses are heading for the park exits in droves, take a minute to consider your options.  Your day in Disney World isn’t necessarily a total waste.  Consider the following points:

–          Not all attractions close when it rains – many of the park’s highlights are even rain friendly right down to the lines.  And with crowds clearing out the way they almost do, you may find yourself practically walking on some fan favorites – or discovering your own new ones.  We found ourselves checking out the Exposition Hall at Magic Kingdom one time, completely removed from the mass exiting on Main Street, and to this day it’s one of my husband’s favorite Disney moments.  If it hadn’t been for the crazy lines at the bus stops, who’s to say if we’d have even checked it out?

–          When the park empties out, so do the restaurants.  Did you miss out on a coveted reservation, say at Cinderella’s Royal Table or LeCellier?   Give them a call or walk on over  – someone else’s cancellation could make this your lucky day!

–          Take a monorail tour of the resorts nearby.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing the Contemporary’s truly awesome arcade or heard the piano player in the lobby of the Grand Floridian, you can be whisked there in moments.  Relax at the Polynesian’s gorgeous tropical lounge or sip something delectable from the Kona Café.

–          Happen to be in EPCOT?  Throw on those rain ponchos and hit the World Showcase for a round-the-world tour of your family’s favorite snacks.  Jennifer’s favorite are the churros in Mexico (she’s partial to margaritas, too, if I’ve never mentioned that) and my son is NUTS about the baklava in Morroco…but in between we find pastries and egg rolls and Grand Marnier slushies.  Pretzels and scones and…well, I’m sure you know and are thinking of your favorites right about now.

Epcot World Showcase

Now having said that, there are obviously some things to NOT do to maximize your rainy day enjoyment.  I would strongly recommend avoiding DisneyQuest when the weather’s stormy, unless you truly love almost but not quite fire code crowds of over-stimulated kids.  Same for the theater at Downtown Disney.  And Animal Kingdom is a total wash when it rains (no pun intended) – you’re much better off at one of the others.  No matter what you do, don’t let the rain keep your family down.  A rainy day in Walt Disney World is STILL a day in the most magical place on earth.

Nicole Courson
Authorized Disney Vacation Planner
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