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handheld captioning device at Disney

Peter Pan’s Flight

“Come on, Everybody! Here we go,” yells Peter Pan. After then the ship flies out of the nursery. Disney’s Fantasyland can make your flight of the imagination come to life. Fly over London in a pirate galleon to far off Never Land.

Neverland FantasyLand Ride at Disney

Peter Pan’s Flight is a suspended ride which allows its passenger to look below and watch over the famous sites of London.  Sites such as big Ben, London Bridge, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, River Thames, and other glittery lights as you fly above the moonlit London.  Past London guest will arrive at Neverland, it here when visitors pass some of its familiar sights which include Indian Village, a glowing volcano, Mermaid Lagoon, and Skull Rock.  In these sites, visitors will come upon Neverland’s well-known dwellers such as Captain Hook, Princess Tiger Lily, Mr. Smee, and Tick-Tock the crocodile.

While enjoying the flight you can hear music from Disney’s Peter Pan, a classic movie from 1953.  This 59 year old classic is well loved by children today.  You can watch Peter Pan courageously exchange blows with Captain Hook aboard the ship to save Wendy and her little brothers.

handheld captioning device at Disney

Due to the popularity of this ride FastPass is also available.  Handheld captioning is available by visiting Guest Relations to obtain the device. Guest using the handheld captioning device must walk by themselves or someone from their party to experience this exciting and adventurous attraction.  Children ages 7 and under must be accompanied by a person 14 years of age or older.

Get doused by Tinker Bell’s pixie dust!

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