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MickeyTravels Agent Virtual Meet & Greet with Amanda Shellenbarger

MickeyTravels is excited to bring back The MickeyTravels Agent Virtual Meet & Greet! We feature a different MickeyTravels agent on a regular basis. We’re proud to have the best Disney Travel agents in the world as part of our MickeyTravels team and this will allow you to get to know them even better. Today the spotlight shines on Amanda Shellenbarger from Charlotte, North Carolina!

Name:  Amanda Shellenbarger

Where are you from?   Charlotte NC

First memory of Disney?   Walking down Main Street in Magic Kingdom and seeing the castle for the very first time as a young child.  Even to this day when I walk down Main Street and see that castle, I am filled with pure joy and nostalgia from that very first trip.

What makes Disney MAGICAL in your eyes?  Disney is a complete escape from the daily stresses of daily life.  It’s a place where you can go and be a kid again and enjoy good wholesome fun with the entire family.

Favorite Disney destination and why?  Walt Disney World and specifically the Magic Kingdom.  I think the Magic Kingdom will always hold the most favorite spot because my first Disney memories date back to here.

Favorite Disney Character and why?  Mickey Mouse, of course!  After all, it all started with a mouse.

Favorite Disney Attraction and why?  Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom.  This attraction is special because this was the first big thrill ride I ever rode and I loved that I was able to share this with both of my kids as their first big thrill ride.  It’s the first ride we must hit each time we enter the Magic Kingdom.

Favorite Disney Resort and why? Disney’s Contemporary is my favorite resort.  It’s the ultimate in convenience to the Magic Kingdom via the monorail or walking.  I love staying in the Main Tower and seeing the monorail whiz through or look down and see Mickey and pals at Chef Mickey’s.  This resort is also home to my favorite non-theme park activity – The Pirates and Pals Voyage.

Favorite Disney Restaurant and why?  Our favorite and must do each trip is ‘Ohana for breakfast.  We love being able to meet our family favorite characters of Mickey and Stitch in one place.  The décor is gorgeous, food is wonderful and the hospitality is always top notch.

Favorite Disney Quick Service Restaurant and why?  Yorkshire Fish and Chips in Epcot.  I feel like I’m as close as I can get to the UK fish and chips on this side of the pond.

3 Disney characters you’d like to have dinner with and why?  Mickey, Stitch and Peter Pan.  These are my three favorite characters and I think this would be a very fun bunch of characters to spend time with.

Favorite Disney snack and why?  Mickey Ice Cream Bar!

Favorite Disney Movie and why?  Beauty and the Beast because I love the themes.  The movie shows us that true beauty lies within and to look beyond what’s on the outside.  I also love that Belle loves books and always wants to keep learning.  And last but not last, it shows a true sacrifice for love when Belle takes her father’s place in Beast’s Castle.

3 Favorite Disney Songs and why?  “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana, “Let It Go” from Frozen, and “Reflection” from Mulan because they are all power ballads of finding your inner strength and accepting who you are.

Disney character you’re most similar to and why? I would probably say I’m most like Belle.  When it comes to my family, there isn’t anything I would not sacrifice for them.  I also can see the beauty in all things – I believe seeing the inner beauty in people and life is a choice and life is fuller when we choose to count our blessings even in the midst of life’s biggest storms.

If you could be one Disney character for a day who would it be and why?  Stitch.  I think it would just be pure fun to be able to cut up like only Stitch can.

If you could work at one of the Disney theme parks, what job would you want and why?  I would love to be a cast member, but most specifically, I would love to be a VIP tour guide to watch people as they experience the greatest magic moments of the Disney parks.

Best part about being a MickeyTravels Disney Travel Agent?  I am able to share my love with Disney every single day.  With each vacation I plan for someone, I treat it as if I’m planning it for my very own family.  I love making my clients’ have the most magical vacation possible!

Why should I book my vacation with you?  When you book with me, I seek to leave no details unfinished.  I get to know you and your family and customize a trip just for you.  No two vacations I plan ever look the same!

Contact me at for all my free Disney vacation planning services.  I can’t wait to hear from you and to help make memories that will last forever!

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