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Space Mountain at Disneyland

Disney Space Mountain

”This is flight safety!”

Reaching for the stars is what we all dream of everyday and thanks to the Disney magic, we are able to travel to the final frontiers on Space Mountain!  Did you know that each Disney theme park around the world has a Space Mountain?

Disney rides

Space Mountain opened first in the Magic Kingdom on January 15, 1975 and it became the first indoor dark roller coaster.  The Space Mountain ride technology had been advancing during that time to allow Disney Imagineers to experiment with cutting-edge ideas to give Disney fans new thrills!  This attraction has also undergone major makeovers in every of the Disney theme parks!

A few of these notable changes are new projections of stars and other cosmos, tunnel and queue line upgrades.  Most notably, the Space Mountains at Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris have also had refurbishments done on them like their U.S. Disney counterparts.  Tokyo Disneyland’s received an upgrade on its very own space ship which is very different from the other Space Mountains.  This unique space ship has a ”power charger” that is used to give power to the space craft.  On the side of the space ship, waves of green/blue colors surround inside a window.  Both the power charger and the side window special effects seem to complement each other giving guests the feeling that they are in a futuristic space age.

Space Mountain: Mission 2

Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris also got a huge makeover done that it was renamed Space Mountain: Mission 2.  The goal of this ”mission” is to send space travelers to the deepest reaches of space (a.k.a. a supernova!)!  Hong Kong Disneyland’s Space is the only Space not to have a space ship unlike the other four.  Instead its loading area is filled with brightly lit planets hanging from the ceiling.

Space Mountain at Disneyland

Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom was the last to receive a refurbishment.  The queue line has been changed and now features games that the guests can play.  Recently, the ride was able to incorporate a soundtrack that guests can hear from speakers that are placed throughout the ride.  On July 17, 2005, Space Mountain at Disneyland reopened to the public just in time for the 50th anniversary.  The queue had been remodeled, the track had been replaced, and new rockets and star projections were installed, getting the attraction ready for its re-launch.  These major changes to all the Space Mountains makes us create new memories with our families and friends while keeping the old thrill alive in us.  As we reach those stars, Space Mountain will always be for us that classic attraction and we share that magic of going to the moon with our fellow peers in Paris, Hong Kong, and Tokyo as ”one of the best loved!”

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