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Engagements at Disney

Disney for Adults: Planning Part 1. When is the best time to go to Disney?

So you’ve decided that Walt Disney World is the perfect place for your vacation.  Now comes the fun part!  Planning!  (Well, to me it’s fun, which is probably why I love my job so much.)  The first decision you need to make is when to travel.  Here are a few things to consider when planning your trip.  When is the best time to go to Disney?

Crowd levels:

Traveling without kids usually means that you have a little more flexibility with travel dates, since you don’t have to work around a school schedule.  This is great news for an adults-only getaway because it allows you to travel to Walt Disney World during less crowded times of the year.  The least crowded times of the year are January through mid-February, late August through most of October, and a few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  However, crowd levels can vary from week-to-week, so make sure to contact me for more detailed information regarding the best time to go to Disney.

when is the best time to go to Disney


When Walt Disney World is less crowded, it’s usually a less expensive, as well.  The resorts at WDW offer lower nightly rates during the slower times of the year.  Often these rates are up to 35%-45% lower than peak season rates!  In recent years, WDW has also offered additional discounts during the slower seasons.  (Keep in mind, however, that discounts are offered solely at the discretion of Disney and are never guaranteed until they are announced.  When a discount is offered, it is only for a limited amount of time and usually necessitates advance planning in order to take advantage of the promotion.)


There are also a number of events throughout the year, such as the Food & Wine Festival, Flower and Garden Festival, Star Wars weekends, marathons, etc., that you might want to plan your vacation around.  Christmas is also a very magical time at Walt Disney World!

Personal Celebrations:

How about celebrating your engagement, honeymoon, or anniversary?   Disney can be a very romantic place (more on this in an upcoming post).  Birthdays, graduations and reunions are great fun to celebrate at Walt Disney World.  And when it comes to celebrations, you never know when you might experience a little extra magic courtesy of Mickey Mouse.  Working with me, you will know when is the best time to go to Disney for these celebrations.

Engagements at Disney


Florida is almost always sunny, but the weather is still an important consideration.  Late spring to early fall in Florida can be very hot and humid, great weather if you enjoy swimming and water parks, but not very comfortable if you are sensitive to the heat.  Late fall through early spring, however, is a little cooler and less humid ? but the temperatures can range anywhere from 30º to 80º, especially in January and February.  If you are planning on some pool time, during the winter months, you need to keep an eye on the weather reports.

So, when is the best time to go to Disney?  Ultimately, anytime of the year is a great time at Walt Disney World, so whenever you want to go, just contact me and I will help you plan the perfect vacation.  Check back often to read up on Disney for Adults and other blog topics.  My next post will be about choosing the right resort!

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