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CyberSpace Mountain

CyberSpace Mountain at Disney

Have you ever wanted to design a roller coaster?  If you were to create a roller coaster, where would you create it?  What title would you give it and what would be the story behind the attraction?  At Disney Quest in Downtown Disney in Orlando, CyberSpace Mountain allows guests to create their own roller coaster.

Disney Quest

The cool side to this unique attraction, CyberSpace Mountain?  Guests can virtually ride their roller coasters via a special simulator!  Now is the time to put on your Disney Imagineering cap!  In this virtual ride, guests get access to special computers where you create your coaster. On the computers, thrill junkies are introduced to various layouts for the coaster design.  On the screen, three different worlds are on display to choose from as the setting for your roller coaster.  Guests can then choose different tracks to customize their ride among other special features.  With just a few tools, riders can begin building their roller coasters from scratch adding ”sharp turns, sudden drops, and stops”.  Once the track is completed, guests are taken to the main area where they enter the simulators.

The simulators are shaped in a cylindrical fashion and accommodates two guests per simulator.  The thrill junkies step into the simulator and strap on with shoulder safety restraints ready for an out of this world adventure!  Just like the title itself, riders can recognize the loading dock they see on the screen in front of them from Space Mountain.  They also see their entire roller coaster creation laid out before their very own eyes!  Now that you created it, let’s give it a test run!  Once you depart from the loading dock you are immersed into the far reaches of space as you ride down on what you just created!  Watch out for those inversions because you will feel yourself lift from the seat as you experience those ”g-forces”!  Building a roller coaster is challenging enough, but to create a virtual roller coaster is the next generation of roller coaster design!  With the Disney magic, at CyberSpace Mountain you dream up your roller coaster like a pro and ride it!  No experience required.  Stand by…

CyberSpace Mountain

Trivia: If fast is not what you’re into, you can change the intensity mode (”Thrill-O-Meter”) of the ride to a much smoother version to accommodate your experience.

Trivia:  If you’re computer saavy, you can purchase PC games such as Ultimate Ride, Ultimate Ride Coaster Deluxe, and Ultimate Ride Disney Coaster which allow you to create your own roller coasters (very similar to CyberSpace Mountain) and virtually ride them.  Well, not ride them literally unlike at CyberSpace Mountain but close enough!  These games are still in ciruclation via Amazon.

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