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April 30, 2014 by MickeyTravels

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There are strollers available to rent on Disney property, but I recommend bringing your own to save money and to have it the entire trip. If you fly, you will want to have it at the airport and most airlines allow you to check it at the gate for FREE. You will also love having it to walk around the resorts as Disney World rentals cannot leave if they were rented. You can also rent from an outside company, where you can have it the entire trip but again bringing your own is FREE .

Travel systems, umbrellas & joggers…. OH MY! Now, I admit I do have multiple strollers at home so let me help you choose which one to bring.

  • If your infant is under 6 months and cannot sit up well, I would recommend bringing whatever brand travel system you have. This will be the best choice so you can shade the baby from the sun and use the infant seat at restaurants since they are too young for the highchairs. It will be a bit more cumbersome folding it up on the buses but for little ones, you are accustomed to the extra baggage 🙂
  • If your child is over 6 months old, I recommend a stroller that is the umbrella style but has the ability to recline. I personally have the Chicco Echo and LOVE it. You will want the lightweight and easy to fold features of an umbrella stroller for the buses (you must collapse them on the buses but not on the monorail) but the recline feature is perfect for napping in the parks.

Renting—Should you opt to rent one at a Disney Park, it will cost you $15 for one day and $13 per day if you rent for more than one day. Double strollers are also available for $31 or $27 (single day vs multi day). You can rent from a number of offsite companies, but I have never personally done this. I have heard good things about “Magic Strollers” from clients.

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