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Why Disney is the perfect “first vacation”

I think my OB said it perfectly, “once you have kids, you take trips not vacations”. All the parents out there know there is a lot more planning, gear, concerns, etc when traveling with children. Especially when it is their first vacation. Well in my sons first year, we went on both a Disney vacation and a beach vacation. We were shocked how much easier the Disney vacation was and I would love to pass this knowledge on to you. I want to focus on a few key points for parents to consider when planning their first vacation.

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Car Seats

  • With Disney you do not need a car seat if you stay on property since you can use the free buses around the resort and the free Magical Express to and from the airport. This is one less thing to carry and frankly it is a bit refreshing to get a break from all that strapping and unstrapping.
  • For the beach, we opted to rent a car seat from the rental car company instead of bringing out own. (You can check them from free on many airlines but I was worried about getting it damaged and dirty with the beach). That as $60 for the week and it was very cheap and a nightmare to install. The rental companies will not install due to liability. I think I would take my own next time.

Sleeping arrangements

  • Disney offers free packnplays upon request. This is just wonderful. I always bring my own sheet and lysol it before using but still it is wonderful!
  • For the beach, we brought our own. It was not bad to bring, but it does count as a checked bag. My sister in law rented one and it was around $50. So no matter what you are probably going to pay unless your hotel provides one, which many do. We stayed at a beach house so it was not included.

Feeding arrangements

  • Disney is made for kids and they have high chairs everywhere! They are very accommodating to everyone and do a great job with kids and any special needs, restrictions, allergies, etc. My son had a milk allergy and Disney was amazing at handling it when we traveled.
  • The beach was not so easy. We had to bring a booster (another thing to carry) and then when going out many restaurants are not as kid friendly and honestly not many places are allergy or special diet friendly.


  • There is so much to do at the Disney resorts and parks that you really only need a few toys for the time you spend in your room. A lot less to pack.
  • For the beach vacation, there was definitely more down time which meant we needed to pack more toys.

With all that said, we had a great time on both vacations. However, Disney really made everything super easy. We needed a lot less gear, didn’t have to worry about transportation, etc.

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Make it a magical day!

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