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Jade Monzo – New Jersey Disney Travel Agent

Hi!  My name is Jade Monzo!

I would like to start by thanking you for considering having me assist you in the planning of your dream vacation with Disney.

While my own love of Disney was instilled in me as a child by family, nothing can compare with the pure joy on the faces of my own children when we’re there.  I believe that is the true magic of Disney and why it is so widely known to be the happiest place on Earth.

I am a stay at home wife in New Jersey, and mother to our five babies under 7, so I come equipped with a real understanding of navigating anything with children.  I have visited Disney World with a quad stroller, a newborn, multiple toddlers, and nine and a half months pregnant.  All of these experiences have given me the insight to really understand how imperative it is that every families’ vacation be tailored specifically to their needs.

To me the fun of a Disney vacation begins the moment you book it. On any sized budget I promise I can help turn your dreams in to experiences and memories.  I am willing to work tirelessly to ensure all details have been thought of and planned for while using the same amount of energy and pixie dust I use to plan my own families amazing trips.

My services are 100% free and I would relish the chance to speak with you about how we can make all your Disney vacation dreams come true.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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What my clients have to say...

Thanks to Jade Monzo we had an amazing Disney World vacation. All the fantastic photos you saw of our family at the most Magical place on earth, wouldn’t have been possible without her top-notch planning service. I would have been glad to have paid top dollar for her help, but her service is unbelievably FREE! If you’re thinking of taking your family on a Disney vacation, do yourself a HUGE favor and reach out to Jade. She will take GREAT care of you!

I never knew going to Disney could be so stress-free! Thanks for making it easy on us and setting everything up. My husband and I never could have imagined this vacation going as smoothly as it did. We’re so appreciative of everything you did to make it happen!

Thanks so much, Jade! Everything was so magical. The kids had the BEST time possible. I know I already said thank you, but I wish I had the words to express how happy we are that we were able to utilize your expertise…THANKS AGAIN!


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