Kali River Rapids

August 10, 2012 by MickeyTravels

Nothing beats the heat of Florida but at Disney’s Kali River Rapids, a refreshing splash gives you the cool you just need to beat the heat.  This ride is located in the heart of Asia at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Park

Authentic Asian artifacts greet guests in the Kali River Rapids queue line as you make their way closer to the loading dock.  Once you board onto their rafts, you are taken across the Asian jungle filled with plant life all over and of course, water!  Gallons and gallons of water!  Watch out for those geysers that literally ”pop” out of nowhere!  Guests are then confronted with the evils of deforestation.  Trees have been cut down and trucks had planned on continuing with the work.  However, when mother nature saw the sight of this, she knew something had to be done!  Smoke and fire appear on the logs warning the guests of the impacts deforestation has on the planet.

To add more to this climax, this scene warns to guests that they’re about to get wet.  Really wet.  Uh-oh!  It looks like we have some ”raging spirits” here who are not in favor of trees being cut down!  Passing the deforestation scene, guests are now face to face with the final drop!  Gallons of water are rushing down on the fall.  Your raft makes a brief stop before taking the plunge.  Once the raft is given access, the drop literally spins you around as you go down!  Another uh-oh here!  Actually more, like ”Aaahhh!!!”  So who are the ones who are gonna get really soaked and who will be saved from the wrath of the drop?  If you ever find yourself in the jungles of Kali River Rapids, don’t plan on bringing a truck or your seat will be the one to get water splashed on!


Trivia: The Kali River Rapids ride gets very crowded during the hot summer months!  Make sure you FastPass when you can to speed up your wait!

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