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twilight zone

Tower of Terror

As tourists, we love staying at those five star hotels with room service, a jacuzzi tub, comfy King sized beds, and delicious chocolates shaped into Mickeys waiting on those tables when we arrive!  Disney does not fail to impress us with relaxation when it comes to hotels.  But what if things are not what they seem in a hotel and they have the TOWER OF TERROR?

Tower of Terror

The hotel has been deserted and now only dust and cobwebs fill the room with a strange silence in the air.  Where did everyone go?  Do you know?  Strange occurrences have been happening lately at the famous Hollywood Tower Hotel.  Yet, tourists still decide to check into this hotel but not for its room service or Mickey chocolates.  They are here for the… Twilight Zone.  Guests planning to check into the hotel are greeted by a bellhop who seems like the only person ”looking alive” at the place.  The lobby is deadly still with not much going around.

Guests are then taken to a pre-show room where they are given a background that explains why the hotel is deserted and what really went wrong on the day of Halloween 1939.  Now that you’ve checked in, you are ready to ascend the elevator that will take you to your room.  Or in this case, the 13th floor.  This elevator has been waiting for you and now it’s your turn to enter the…Twilight Zone!

Guests board their elevator and are then taken up where they meet the guests who saw terror on that Halloween day.  These special guests tempt the new guests to join them in the Twilight Zone.  It looks we just might run the same fate aboard this elevator!  The story of this unfateful event unfolds more and more as the ride continues and before you know it, you are now in the Twilight Zone!  Free fall time!  Say cheese!  At Tower of Terror, no one can escape the elevator of terror!

twilight zone

Do you dare?  Then, ”Do enjoy your stay at the Tower of Terror!”
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