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Kimberly Molnar – Ohio Disney Travel Agent

Hi-ya Pals- I’m Kimberly Molnar, but you can call me Kim!Kimberly Molnar Ohio Disney travel agent

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my husband and daughter. I’m currently a school psychologist by training and helping support students and families every day. Being organized and detail-oriented are part of my day-to-day as a school psych, both of which are extremely important as a Disney Travel Agent, too!

If you know me, you know my extreme love of Disney; and if you don’t know me, you soon will! The magic, the memories, there’s no better feeling than stepping into a Disney Park or Resort. I’m here to help you make that magic and those memories come to life.

I’m so happy you’re here and excited about a Disney vacation! My goal is to make this trip and all the ones to follow, the most magical it can be. I can’t wait to share with you all the tips, tricks, and tools available to our clients. I’ve had the opportunity to visit these parks and I’m confident that I can support you with whatever you may need- before, during, and after your trip! I can help you with choosing the best resort for you and your family, finding and making dining reservations, and continued resources along the way.

The services we offer here at MickeyTravels are free to our clients. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get you on your way to the most magical place on earth!

As Mickey Mouse would say, “All you need is a little bit of magic.”

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