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Activities to do while waiting for Disney vacation

You’ve Booked your Disney Vacation, Now What?

Waiting for Your Disney Vacation!

You’ve booked your Disney vacation! How exciting! But, how are you going to possibly stand the wait until you get to leave? Whether you are heading to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, a Disney cruise, or any of Disney’s other great options, you can keep the magic alive by doing a few simple, but fun things and activities while you wait to your great vacation!

Once you booked your Disney vacation start a countdown! Many families like to do a countdown to their Disney vacation. You can make a countdown calendar and mark off the days as they go by. Or you can cut strips of paper and loop them (like the construction paper ones we made as kids). Put on one strip for each day between now and your vacation. Each night before bed, tear one off and throw it away. Watch your chain diminish as your trip gets closer! There are other ways to countdown—like marbles in a jar, putting a sticker on your calendar each night, etc. You can also find websites that will allow you to download a digital countdown to your computer or smart phone. Whatever you do, make looking forward to your vacation a part of your day!

 Activities to do while waiting for Disney vacation

Another way to keep the magic alive after you’ve booked your Disney vacation is to make “Disney Dates” along the way.  Once a week (or for a longer wait, once a month), choose a Disney movie to watch together as a family, pull out guidebooks or maps, and talk about what everyone wants to do at one of Disney’s parks or on a certain island (for a Disney cruise).  Everyone enjoys the planning process!

Speaking of planning, a great way to enjoy the wait is to spend time reading books, blogs, or websites about Disney planning!  There are a lot of options in this realm!  You can start at your local library to borrow books about Disney vacations.  And there are an endless number of websites that can give you tons of great information.  Just search for what you are interested in and start right in!

Want something free and fun?  Order a Disney planning DVD!  You can go here: to order a Disneyland or Walt Disney World DVD or here: for a Disney cruise DVD.  Watching these DVDs can be a fun family experience!  Kids love to point out what they are most interested in so be ready to take notes!

Activities to do while waiting for Disney vacation

When the trip is on the horizon, you can begin your shopping, packing and preparing for your trip.  You can also pull together something fun for the travel time.  If you are driving, plan some car fun for the kiddos by purchasing some Disney CDs, Disney coloring books, crayons, small Disney trinkets or other fun items to get your young ones focused on the destination.  Disney trivia is fun for the whole car!  If you are flying, a Disney book or coloring book is a fun way to pass the time or even a Disney movie on the laptop!

No matter how far in advance you’ve booked your Disney vacation, the waiting can be the hardest part.  Maybe you’ll be able to make the waiting more enjoyable by using a few of these tips!

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