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Disney World unique vacation

Why you should use an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

Finally decided on that Disney vacation for the family?   You sit down with a book or two or search around on your computer and look at all that Disney has to offer.  Then it happens……you start to feel overwhelmed and stressed over the multiple components attached to a Disney vacation.  Where do I stay?  How many nights should I consider?  When is the best time to visit?  Where do I eat?  Where will I see the characters that my kids want to see?   Have these questions plagued  you and you don’t know how to proceed?   No need to panic….as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and owner of MickeyTravels, I can answer all of those questions and many more!

Disney Travel Agent

Disney has continued to expand & grow and along with that, so have the many options available to you as a Disney vacationer.   With your own personal Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, I listen to what each individual family wants and needs in their Disney vacation and do what I can to customize it down to every last detail.  The knowledge and experience that I have can be a valuable tool for those unsure how to start and where to go.  I have visited the different Disney destinations, stayed at so many of the various Disney resorts, eaten at most of the fantastic Disney restaurants, etc.  I know all about the Disney Cruise ships as well as the unique guided tours of an Adventures by Disney vacation.  I have also done site inspections of every resort on Disney property, where I’ve seen first-hand the different resorts, the different room types and all the restaurants.  This is invaluable knowledge and information that helps me better inform my clients.

Best of all, my services are always 100% free.  It costs no more for someone to allow me to help them with all of their details planning a Disney vacation, then for them to do all of the work themselves.  How many people have that kind of time?    Another huge plus, is monitoring for Disney promotions.  I constantly monitor for any discounts that will in turn bring down the cost of my client’s vacation.  Even after booking, I have saved tons of money for my clients and that makes me very happy.

Save money by using a Disney Travel Agent

I treat each family’s Disney vacation as if it were my own.  I give it the same care and put the same amount of time into it as I do with my own vacations.  I would settle for no less.   There is so much value to using an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner and it can enhance your vacation in so many ways.  MickeyTravels’ number one priority is the client and helping them plan the perfect Disney vacation for their family.  Each family is different and I want to know and learn what each family wants.  I listen, care and give 100% to every Disney vacation I plan.

Disney vacations are a rite of passage and are very special and unique.  Why not allow a Disney expert & an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner to be your fairy godmother through the wonderful journey of planning a Disney vacation.  I am ready….are you?  I can’t wait to hear from you!

Elyssa Antonelle – Authorized Disney Vacation Planner
MickeyTravels, LLC
“Making Magic One Vacation at a Time…”

Disney Travel Experts

MickeyTravels, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, is proud to be one of a select few travel agencies in the world that has been designated by Disney Destinations with DIAMOND Earmarked status!

We’ve been so proud to be a Platinum level agency the last several years, and we are now ecstatic to be one of a small handful of agencies who have earned the elite Diamond Earmarked agency status for 2023! This is the absolute highest level that can be bestowed upon a travel agency by Disney!

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