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The Haunted Mansion

Walt Disney World Classic Attractions

One thing I’ve always loved about Walt Disney World is that it’s always changing. They’re always making way for the new and improved versions of attractions from the yesteryears, and per Walt Disney’s request, the parks will never be “finished.” This is self evident with the new Fantasyland expansion, and as excited I am to try out all the new attractions (and REALLY looking forward to the Be Our Guest dining experience), I still take comfort in the fact that some of the classics will seemingly always be around for my children and my children’s children to experience.

The Haunted Mansion

Which Walt Disney World classic attractions am I talking about? I’m going to have to go with three that have Walt’s personal touch to them: the Carousel of Progress, It’s a Small World, and the Haunted Mansion.

The Carousel of Progress is my husband’s favorite attraction. He loves the song, the animatronics, and I think he especially loves the fact that it’s a good 20 minutes of pure air conditioning, which can make you feel like a million bucks in the Florida heat. The Carousel of Progress was one of the attractions Walt brought to New York’s World Fair. Walt was so proud of it; he has been quoted to have said that it was his favorite attraction and should never be closed. Well, what the boss says, the boss gets. It was proudly displayed in Disneyland from 1967 to 1973, and then ushered on over to the Magic Kingdom where it still resides today. It might be a little on the boring side for young kids, but I know it’ll always have a place in my touring plan and in my heart.

Magic Kingdom classic attraction

It’s a Small World must be the biggest divide for Disney fans – you either love it or hate it. It’s probably the never ending song of the same name, but I’ve always loved it. My mother says when we lived in Anaheim and would frequent Disneyland, this is the only attraction I’d want to go on again and again and again and again. (Thanks for putting up with it anyway, Mom.) The message of universal harmony, that we’re all children of the Earth, still rings true today as it did back in 1964. The long lines for this little attraction confirm that no matter what side of the fence you’re on, you’re probably still going to have to visit, just for old time’s sake.

Disney Classics

Lastly, the Haunted Mansion. I admit, it took me 22 years to finally get the guts to ride it because I don’t take kindly to being startled, but this was well worth it and I’m a little upset I didn’t go on it sooner. No matter how many times I go on, there’s something new to discover. Whether it’s finding the red eyed crow in each scene, or a new Hidden Mickey, or just one of the 999 happy haunts, it’s always a blast. The cast members are some of my favorite, too. If you listen to them, you’ll tell they’re almost always spitting out puns left and right – totally dead pan, too. (They must be rubbing off on me.)

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