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The Benefits of the Disney Dining Plans at Walt Disney World

When Disney initiated their Disney Dining Plans it was a stroke of genius in my opinion.  As we all know, meals and snacks can be quite expensive and hard on the wallet while vacationing at Walt Disney World.  However, when you are running around and thirsty, or your kids are begging for their 2nd Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar of the day, you are more than likely to succumb to the idea that you have no choice but to get that bottled water or ice cream novelty.   Then you see the price and think to yourself that you could buy an entire case of water at home for the same price you would pay for a single bottle of water at Disney.  What are you going to do?   We have all been there.  The solution…..the Disney Dining Plans that have made a huge impact on our comfort in getting such items and the ease it has made on our wallets.

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Disney created Dining Plans that allow their guests to save between 30 and 40% on all of their meals and snacks versus paying out-of-pocket for these same items during their visit.   While you are saving money on your food at WDW, you are still enjoying all of the same menu items of those guests who are paying out-of-pocket.  There are no special menus for those on a Disney Dining Plan.   Best of all, Disney has created different levels of Dining Plans to suit every family and enhance their vacation package.

There is the Quick Service Dining Plan that allows each guest participating to have 2 quick-service meals and snack/night of stay.  The cost is $34.99/adult (10 years and older) and $11.99/child (ages 3-9).  Children under 3 do not participate with any Dining Plan and can simply share with their families.  The second Dining Plan is the Basic Dining Plan which allows each guest to have 1 table service meal, 1 quick-service meal and 1 snack/night of stay.  The cost is $51.54-$53.54/adult and $15.02-$16.02/child.  The third is the Deluxe Dining Plan which allows each guest 3 table and/or counter service meals and 2 snacks/night of stay.  In addition, each guest is allowed an appetizer with their table-service meals.   The cost for this Dining Plan is $85.54-$89.55/adult and $23.79-$25.79/child.  The savings versus not being on a Disney Dining Plan is remarkable.

restaurants kids Disney

My favorite part of any Disney Dining Plan is that you have paid for all of your meals and snacks before you have even left for your vacation.  No more coming home from vacation and dreading that credit card bill with all of the food you purchased while at Disney World – ouch!  Also, the Dining Plans are so easy to use and each time you use one of your meal or snack credits, the credits simply get “debited” away and you get a receipt with the balance of your credits remaining.  They certainly make it easy for their guests.    Best of all, just about every restaurant on Disney property participates with the Disney Dining Plans and starting in early 2012, many of the beloved Downtown Disney restaurants have decided to participate as well.  Now the choices are endless and easy.

Don’t miss out on saving money at Walt Disney World with any of the Disney Dining Plans.   Enjoy character meals, signature dining restaurants, fun snacks and grab-and-go meals – all while saving 30-40%.  FYI – only those guests staying at a Disney-owned property resort can purchase a Dining Plan, so stay on property, enjoy the savings and let a MickeyTravels agent help you plan the whole thing – for free!   I’m waiting…..

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