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Packing for a Disney Cruise

Packing for Disney is a lesson in itself, but packing for a Disney cruise?  A whole different matter!  Here are some tips for things not on the standard packing list.

CRUISE SPECIFIC ADD-ONS List when packing for a Disney Cruise

Currency Conversion Chart, in the event you’re travelling to a destination that doesn’t handle U.S. dollars.
If you’ve booked shore excursions of any kind, be sure to pack hard copies of the receipts
A watch with dual time zones will make it easier to keep track of the time difference if you’re headed far enough away from home.
A nightlight: inside state rooms in particular are pitch dark, and the soft glow of a nightlight is just enough to help you navigate to the bathroom – or to soothe a small child who doesn’t care for the dark.
A lightweight, foldable tote bag is always helpful when you want to head to the pool and don’t necessarily want to haul your carry-on bag. And in the event you buy too many souvenirs, you’ve got a last minute solution to getting it all home.
Ear plugs if you’re a light sleeper: ships are notorious for almost constant low-level noise, and if you think it may keep you up, an inexpensive set of earplugs may be the way to go. Another solution? Headphones to plug into your I-Pod or mp-3 player will block noise just as well.
An alarm clock: whether you’re in the inside stateroom or have your blackout blinds closed on the verandah window, it’s always nice to know what time it is without fumbling for a watch or cell phone.
Sun protection is a must: a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses; all of these are things you can buy at the onboard gift shop but probably at inflated prices. Do yourself a favor and pack them at home.
An over the door shoe caddy. For all of your shoes? No, actually to organize all of your toiletries and smaller items that don’t all fit on the countertop in the bathrooms. They’re available at almost any dollar store.
Extension cord or power strip. Plugs aren’t exactly plentiful in some staterooms – you may find your laptop’s charger cord won’t reach to the bed or the table. And with cameras, cell phones and more to charge, an extra outlet isn’t a bad idea.

Remember, when you are packing for a Disney Cruise it is vital to make sure you don’t leave those important essentials at home.  Use this list as a guide and you’ll be in great shape!

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