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MickeyTravels Agent Virtual Meet & Greet with Amber Travis

MickeyTravels is excited about our new initiative – The MickeyTravels Agent Virtual Meet & Greet. We will feature a different MickeyTravels agent on a daily basis. We’re proud to have the best Disney Travel agents in the world as part of our MickeyTravels team and this will allow you to get to know them even better. Today the spotlight shines on Amber Travis from Joplin, MO

Name: Amber Travis

Where are you from? Joplin, MO

First memory of Disney? I was 9 years old the first time I went to Disney so I have tons of first memories including meeting Mickey, seeing the castle and my favorite, Spectromagic!

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What makes Disney MAGICAL in your eyes? No matter what my age, I adore every aspect of Disney even if I’ve done it over 10 times. While at the parks, I love seeing reactions of others as they experience things for the first time!

Favorite Disney destination and why? Disney World has become a home to me and we love the classic appeal of Magic Kingdom with all its nostalgic attractions.

Favorite Disney Character and why? Mrs. Potts. When I was in the 4th grade, we did a music program featuring the music of Beauty and the Beast. I got to sing all the Mrs. Potts parts including the feature song Beauty and the Beast.

Favorite Disney Attraction and why? Haunted Mansion! This attraction has so many details and magic that I adored it as a child! Now, I enjoy everything about it from the story, the music and the effects. I actually listen to the narration and Grim Grinning Ghost song on my ipod while working. I also collect items from the Haunted Mansion in my home including pins, prints and souvenirs.

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Favorite Disney Resort and why? We loved the Art of Animation resort because of the décor and theme. We love all the Disney resorts however because of the way they treat us when we come and visit! It’s nice to feel pampered!

Favorite Disney Restaurant and why? I’ve ate at Sci-Fi Dine In every single time I’ve been to Disney World. I’m also a History teacher at a local HS and the 1950s are my favorite time period to teach. Being able to sit in a car and watch drive-in movies while having a good meal has always been fun for us.

Favorite Disney Quick Service Restaurant and why? This recently has become Be Our Guest because of the themeing but we also love Starlight in Tomorrowland. It’s convienent and has great food. The air conditioning after a hot day is an added perk!

3 Disney characters you’d like to have dinner with and why? All three I would choose because we have never seen them in the parks and they are some of our favorites: Kronk from Emperor’s New Groove, Boo from Monster’s Inc. and Mrs. Potts… of course!

Favorite Disney snack and why? We like to pick up some of the park candy from Goofy’s Candy Company because it’s easy to take home and has large portions! We normally eat so much food that the snacks are hardly used with us.

Favorite Disney Movie and why? I have 2 actually; Beauty and the Beast and Monsters Inc. The first time I watched Monsters Inc, I laughed so hard that I cried and that was followed by me balling from sadness at the end of the film. So cute!

3 Favorite Disney Song and why? I’m a huge attractions theme song junkie as I listen to these songs more than actual Disney songs and they are from some of my favorites from the past: Grim Grinning Ghosts, Spectromagic and the theme to Soarin. I love instrumental music as I was in a collegiate band program so anytime I hear anything from Epcot, I get chills!

Disney character you’re most similar to and why? I’m a very sarcastic and humorous person so I can relate to Mike Wazowski. He’s also a favorite of mine.

If you could be one Disney mascot for a day who would it be and why? Well, this is tricky because I would love to see reactions of kids as I met with them but I hate the heat. I’d probably pick a princess I knew was going to be in air conditioning and see the most smiling faces. ANNA OR ELSA!

If you could work at one of the Disney theme parks, what job would you want and why? I would want to be one of the tour guides that shows the behind the scenes of the parks. Since I’m into the history and nostaliga of the parks, I think this would be perfect!

Best part about being a MickeyTravels Disney Travel Agent? I love being able to share my love for Disney with all of my clients. Getting pictures and text messages about how much fun they are having makes all the work and prep I do seem miniscule. The company is also full of other wonderful and caring agents that are there to help me at the drop of a hat. Love them!

Why should I book my vacation with you? Disney runs in my blood and I want to share that happiness with everyone as they experience the magic of the Disney parks, Cruise Line, Aulani or Disney Adventures. I’m there every step of the way with clients and am sure to get back with everyone within 12 hours of contacting me. I take pride in getting back quickly with clients and am available for any questions 24/7! It’s like having your own personal Disney assistant a text, phone call or Facebook message away rather than calling Disney and being on hold! My services are completely free and I look forward to hearing from you soon so we can make your Disney story begin or continue!

To learn more about Amber and how she can help plan your MAGICAL Disney vacation, please contact her at or 417-825-7529. She can also be found on our website at

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