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MickeyTravels Agent Virtual Meet & Greet with Adrea Tuck

MickeyTravels is excited to bring back The MickeyTravels Agent Virtual Meet & Greet! We will feature a different MickeyTravels agent on a regular basis. We’re proud to have the best Disney Travel agents in the world as part of our MickeyTravels team and this will allow you to get to know them even better. Today the spotlight shines on Adrea Tuck from Chicago, IL.

Name: Adrea Tuck

Where are you from?  I am originally from Atlanta but have lived in Chicago for the past 11 years.


First memory of Disney?  I remember going to Magic Kingdom when I was 7.  My parents woke me up extremely early to drive to Disney.  I had no idea!! We were finally going to Disney!! Once we walked in to Magic Kingdom, I was hooked.  The castle was amazing and so magical. I could not take my eyes off of it!!!

What makes Disney MAGICAL in your eyes?  The MAGIC comes from Walt’s creativity and imagination.  Everyday this MAGIC creates laughter and fun for all ages.

Favorite Disney destination and why?  Magic Kingdom is my favorite Disney destination.  No matter what your age, your gender, or your frame of mind, Magic Kingdom has what it takes to make everything in life go away and make MAGIC happen.

Favorite Disney Character and why?  I love Jiminy Cricket because “If your heart is in your dream, No request is too extreme”.


And I also love Alice in Wonderland because of her curiosity.

Favorite Disney Attraction and why?  I love that we can see Buzz Lightyear in Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  The two rides are so interactive and I get to hear kids giggling and competing all at the same time.  I love that these rides become a family fun event.

Favorite Disney Resort and why?  This question is so hard because I feel like each resort offers a different way to experience the Disney way.  I guess I would say the Wilderness Lodge is my favorite.  It is rustic and classic at the same time.

Favorite Disney Restaurant and why?  The California Grill is my favorite restaurant and not for the food.  Don’t get me wrong, the food is amazing and the chefs are top notch.  I love the California Grill for dinner so the castle is in view and the fireworks are at eye level.  The window seating and the view are breathtaking.

Favorite Disney Quick Service Restaurant and why?  Our family enjoys fish.  The Columbia Harbour House is a favorite for us because of all the fish options and malt vinegar.  The upstairs seating allows for ever family to find a spot to enjoy a relaxing and air conditioned meal to reenergize for the next adventure.

3 Disney characters you’d like to have dinner with and why?  As a mom, I would have to eat with Mary Poppins to see where she got that great bag and learn some of her tricks to make chores fun.  As a child, I would have to eat with Peter Pan and find out the secret to never growing up.  Because Alice in Wonderland always taught me to be curious, I would have to eat with the White Rabbit to try to figure out where he was always goingJ


Favorite Disney snack and why?  Snacks are my favorite—any will do but I guess if I have to pick one, I would pick the caramel apples that are created to look like so many different types of Disney characters.  The bakers amaze me with each and everyone – the taste is even more Magical!!!

Favorite Disney Movie and why?  Frozen is all the rage right now and lots of people are tired of hearing anything Frozen related. NOT ME!!! I am in love with the music and the story that portrays Anna and Elsa as girls that work hard to face problems and fears to become powerful women.  I hope these characters help little girls believe in the magic that you can do anyTHING if you work for it and believe.

3 Favorite Disney Songs and why?  I love music.  I love to sing.  Disney songs are always in my head.  If I had to pick three that I like the best they would be: 1. When You Wish Upon a Star because it helps me remember that wishes do come true.  2.  A Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins because it reminds me that you can turn anything into good.  3.  The whole Frozen soundtrack because of all the powerful messages as well as the vocal range.

Disney character you’re most similar to and why?  I feel like Cinderella most of the time.  I do a lot for my family and home but still enjoy getting dressed up for a night out.  I met my Prince Charming a long time ago and feel lucky to be able to be with him every day.

If you could be one Disney mascot for a day who would it be and why?  I would love to be Mickey Mouse.  He is the one most people want to see and that means I would get lots of hugs, smiles and squeals all day long.

mascot at Disney

If you could work at one of the Disney theme parks, what job would you want and why?  I think the best job would be to escort the characters throughout the day.  It would be amazing to see the children and adult faces when they see their favorite character for the first or hundredth time.

Best part about being a MickeyTravels Disney Travel Agent?  The best part of being a MickeyTravels Disney Travel Agent is to be a part of a bigger family that works to make family, friends, and strangers’ dreams of going to Disney come true.  I am so blessed to have found this extended family and work every day with the pride that we all care about the work we do.  This is not a job; it is a passion.

Why should I book my vacation with you?  As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, I will help plan the vacation of your dreams like it was my own.  I look forward to doing all the work so that my clients can have all the magic.  I want each person, whether young or old, to experience the Disney magic at every point in their trip no matter where you decide to go.

Adrea can be contacted by calling toll-free 1-855-805-0933 or via email – she can also be found on our website by clicking here!




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