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Davy Jones

Disney’s Pirate’s Lair

Deep in Tom Sawyer Island, the ghosts of pirates’ past lurk in the shadows of caves.  Enter the caves to learn about the pirates who once roamed the beaches and other secret hide outs in search of their buried treasure.  Tom Sawyer Island has itself become the getaway for pirate fanatics after Pirates of the Caribbean.  This getaway was transformed into Pirate’s Lair in 2007 following the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Tom Sawyer Island

Pirate fans walk into Dead Man’s Grotto where their eyes of gold stare at the ”dead men’s chest”, a special treasure guarded well by Davy Jones!  Just outside Dead Man’s Grotto, guests can have a little fun with some games!  One highlight of this is trying to search for hidden treasure chests around the island.  Just somewhere on Pirate’s Lair, there is a special spot where, if you are good enough at the game, you can pull out a sunken treasure chest from under the water.

Davy Jones

The poor wrecked boat has let the treasure fall onto the bottom floor.  Do sea creatures have the ability to guard treasures on the sandy floors?  According to this situation, if you think you can get your hands on that chest, think again!  Someone is not letting go of it and that’s the surprise you ”pull” out when you see that a skeleton is still holding onto the chest as it gets dragged out from the water.  You didn’t see that coming, did you?  Apparently, whoever that pirate was, he is not giving you his treasure, even if it means claiming it after the death!  Let’s just say this skeleton in Disney’s Pirates Lair does not believe in ”til death do us apart” with his beloved treasure!

The chest only belongs to that fella and he will hold onto it for eternity.  It looks like pirates do believe in the afterlife of holding onto their treasure.  It’s okay if you’re left empty-handed, might as well respect those past pirates.  However, in Dead Man’s Grotto you can always try your luck at getting your hands on treasure again.  Located inside, there’s an area where you just have to slide your hand under to claim the treasure that ”appears” there.  But, oh, wait!  Pirates sure know how to fool one by pulling a magic trick of their own!  Disney’s Pirates Lair is the perfect example!  Now you see it……now you don’t!  ”Dead men tell no tales”!

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