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Disney’s Hilton Head Island Activities

Our trip to Disney’s Hilton Head Island in South Carolina was billed as a low key vacation. We thought we’d have lots of time to sit by the pool and walk on the beach. What we didn’t realize is how much the recreation staff at the resort had planned for every day. Just like any other Disney vacation, there was always lots going on and we could pick and choose the things that appealed to us. In the middle of the week, during an incredible pirate pool party, my husband turned to me and said “this place is like summer camp on steroids.” I find that an apt description.

When you first check-in, you will receive an activities calendar for your stay. Each day, there are different activities that appeal to a variety of ages. My mother and mother-in-law spent hours attending events with the resort’s naturalist. They were able to learn about the loggerhead sea turtle, go on a bird watching tour and take a 3-hour hike around a nearby island. As a family, we also took a walking tour of the marsh (a must-do just for the fun boots everyone gets to wear) and made a shark tooth necklace with the naturalist.

There are tons of crafts that happen throughout the week. Both of my boys decided to make a Mickey tie-dye t-shirt and my oldest son made a lanyard and button, but otherwise, they couldn’t be pulled out of the pool for other craft options. I wanted to make a vacation pillow, but ran out of time.

pirate party

One of our favorite Disney Hilton Head Island activities was the Pirate Party, which takes place every week, usually on Tuesday. The entire day had a pirate theme. It started with a pirate booty hunt in the morning where the kids followed clues to get a final prize (pirate bandanna, eye patch, blow up sword, ring) and a pirate name. My older son was “One-Eye Roger.” After that, there were pirate stories, pirate pool games at the beach pool and finally, the pirate pool party in the evening. The staff was dressed in pirate garb and they handed pirate bandannas out to parents and kids without them. There were a variety of great games going on, including one where kids got to drop ice cream on a parent (if you go, when you sign up, make sure your spouse is the partner for the treasure drop — you’ll thank me later). Once the games were over, it was time for night sliding and a dance/pool party. It was truly one of those events where you see people from the very young to the very old having fun all at the same time. Be prepared to dance yourself too. There’s a special Hilton Head tradition for both the Moms and the Dads (have the camera handy for your spouse, but see if you can misplace it before it’s your turn). The pirate night is a cannot miss event, so clear your schedule for that night. During the summer months, the party is themed to end just before the Hilton Head fireworks begin, which can be seen from most of the resort. It’s the perfect end for a fabulous night.

The recreation staff also hosts a campfire with songs and s’mores, night time outdoor movies, pool games and a variety of other activities. One day during our visit, thunder in the distance forced the pool to close. The recreation staff hopped right on it and had the kids head upstairs to play Wii games. They were very adept at changing things up if something wasn’t working due to weather or other factors. The cast members in the recreation department went above and beyond for the guests. After a day at the resort, many of them were already calling out to my kids by name and playing with them when we walked past. This was our first visit, but people who have gone to the resort for years told me that cast members remember your name each year and are genuinely excited to see you. We had several cast members ask when we were coming back and I felt their inquiry was genuine.

ghost stories, bunny hunts

The recreation cast members and the rest of the staff at Disney’s Hilton Head Island get high marks from guests both new and old, but there’s one name that you’ll hear repeatedly, B’Lou Crabbe. His name pops up quite a bit on the activity schedule too. From a morning of magic to an afternoon of low country ghost stories, B’Lou is quite the entertainer. Before our first activity with him, I wasn’t sure what the fuss was about, but I understood after watching him entrance the kids with his magic. B’Lou has been at the resort for more than a decade and seems to do a little bit of everything. He sings, he juggles, he leads bunny hunts — whatever he does, you know it will be fabulous. I highly suggest you check out several of his events.

Make sure you take in one of B’Lou’s activities that involves Shadow, too. She is another special part of the Hilton Head Island Resort — a golden retriever who lives there. According to legend, she showed up during construction in 1996 and never left. Since that time, Shadow has become an official cast member at the resort. She has a doghouse outside the lobby and even wears a name tag just like every other cast member. Shadow can be found regularly with B’Lou, but the activity sheet will also give you specific times where you can meet her. Make sure you ask the front desk for a Shadow postcard — they are available there for free and B’Lou will even sign them for you (with Shadow’s paw print of course).

hilton head resort

Besides the daily activities, you can also schedule other excursions that are unique to the Hilton Head area. The recreation staff can help with a dolphin tour, shark fishing, paddle boarding or kayaking. They are also available to make tee times for local golf courses of offer suggestions of places to try. Some of these activities are included with your stay, but others cost a small fee. For example, the cost to tie dye a t-shirt was $12 per person, which covered the supplies. For options like dolphin tours and golfing, the cost is controlled by the outside party that handles the actual tour or golf course. You can usually assume that options with B’Lou are free as well as most activities with the naturalist. Options like the campfire and outdoor movies also usually do not have a cost. If the activity involves supplies, there will probably be a small fee. Your activities guide will outline any costs associated with the activity.

Disney’s Hilton Head Resort isn’t just about activities though. There are also lots of great restaurants to explore. In the next post, I’ll give take you on a quick culinary tour of restaurants in the area. Your knowledgable MickeyTravels authorized Disney travel agent will be more than happy to give you restaurant suggestions as well!

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