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Photograph with characters at Disney

Disney Photo Pass

Do you know the Disneyland/ Walt Disney World special secret about taking pictures with your entire family? Well the special secret is the Disney Photo Pass. You can get a photo pass card from a Disneyland/WDW cast member that wears a vest that has photo pass photographer patch on it. If you are a annual pass member, there is a place on the back of the card that they can scan. The photo pass photographers are all over the park, even where you find characters too.  All you have to do is give the photographer your card before or after they take the picture and they will scan your card that will have the pictures that they took. If you have kids with you, there are some special effects that they can do. Like impose a character in it. You won’t see it till after you get home and sign into

Photograph with characters at Disney

Here is some general information that you would need to know about the photo pass.

  • Make sure that you keep your photo pass card in a safe place. You also, might want to right the 16 digit number down, just in case that you may have lost it.
  • If you get multiple cards, make sure that you have names on them. At the end, you can put them in the same account when you get home.
  • The photographers will take multiple poses at each location to ensure that you get a variety of pictures.
  • You will find the photographers at the entrance of every park. Also, you look for the icons on each park map and it will tell you where they are.
  • Once you get home, you can alter then. You can add borders, autographs, and edit the pictures. You will always have the original picture.

photograph with characters at Disney

Here is some information about viewing your photos

  • If you lost your photopass card, you can fill out a lost card/photos form. The guest services team will try to help you locate your missing photos. Make sure you give them as much information at possible.
  • If you have multiple cards at the end of your trip, you can add all of them to one account. There is a place on the website that you can add multiple numbers.

Once you get home from your Disney Vacation, you can look at your pictures and alter them the way that you want them. Once, you put your photopass number in, they are on the website for 30 days. After the 30 days they are gone. But you can pay to extend viewing of your pictures for 7 or 15 days. You can buy different products on their website to commemorate your magical adventure at Disney. You can buy the Disney Photo Pass CD too. It will have all the pictures that were taken and even the ones that you alter on the website. What they are doing now, is adding some character ones too. The price for the photo cd for WDW is 169.99 and for Disneyland it’s 59.95. But you can pre-order the cd from your travel agent that booked the vacation for you.

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