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Dear Kid(s): We’re Going to Disney Again (woo hoo!)

Not everyone loves Disney and that is fine. I find it kind of like not liking puppies or babies (kidding) but still it is totally cool if it is not your thing. However, I just read an article posted on the Huffington Post that is solely opinion based. This Mom hates Disney and is not afraid to tell the world. Sure I could go on and on with my opinions about how amazing Disney is, but really opinions are completely subjective. I prefer to share facts and experiences. I am not trying to make you change your tune about Disney, but really if you have never gone I would hope you would not skip going based on an opinionated blog.

complaints about Disney

The article mainly complained about crowds and cost. Yes Disney is crowded (probably because it is awesome) and yes all vacations have a cost associated with them. I would like to address these two complaints with some facts.

Crowds. I typically tell clients to avoid the period between Christmas and New Years and also Spring Break. As much as I personally love Disney, these time periods are just too much for me. Also, you will not get any discounts during these peak time frames. Summer is crowded but not as much (think everyone is spread over 3 months rather than a week) and you can usually get a Room Discount at the beginning of summer or Free Dining at the end of summer. I tend to steer clients to my favorite time, Fall. The crowds are lower, Free Dining is usually offered, and you can also visit the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Winter is also a great time to go to avoid the crowds. Even if you do decide to brave Christmas week of Spring Break, there are some tricks (like avoiding the parks with Extra Magic Hours) to get you around and on more rides.

Cost. All vacations are expensive in terms of needing transportation, accommodations, food, gear for kids and entertainment. Transportation is needed to get there and to get around once you get there. One great thing about staying on Disney property is the free transportation to and from the airport and also all around the park. Not needing a rental car is a HUGE savings (we learned that on our beach trip this year!). You also will not pay any parking frees staying on property ($15 per day at theme parks). As far as accommodations, Disney has value level (starting at $85 per night) up to deluxe villas (starting at $318 per night). There is a room to fit every budget and taste. There are even accommodations that offer kitchenettes or full kitchens so you can bring your own food and ALL Disney resort rooms have free mini fridges and free WIFI. As far as food, there are dining plans to save you money (right now they are running free DINING) or you can buy your own groceries. I do have to mention that if you have any dietary needs (vegan, food allergies, etc) Disney is KING! They offer many allergy friendly options and will have a chef prepare your meal in a designated allergy free/meat free zone! As far as kid gear, if you fly you do not need a car seat on the plane, on the Magical Express transfer or on the Disney buses. You can get a packnplay for free in your room and highchairs are everywhere. If you forget something, all theme parks have baby care centers. As far as entertainment, yes you will buy park tickets but really that is all you need. If you go to Disney for one day of your beach vacation you are going to shell out a whopping $90+ for an adult. However, if you stay more days you save, you can visit for 5 days for $270 ($54 per day) for an adult and if you stay 10 days you are up to $320 for an adult (only $33.90 a day). $90 a day for entertainment seems pretty expensive but $33- $54 is doable and gets you access to all rides, shows, FastPass+ (most other theme parks charge for a similar service), character greetings, etc.

Something else I want to add is the Disney difference. Really the service there is amazing. One time I lost my blanket and they had the laundry staff on alert and found it and shipped it back to me. Last time I went I had to avoid all dairy products (even traces and cross contamination) and they made me a dairy free milk shake. I was treated like a dairy free princess rather than a pain. When I worked there in college, we were instructed to make our guests happy by any means appropriate. If I saw I kid drop their ice cream cone, I just scooped another one. No charge, no tears, just Disney Magic.

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Make it a magical day!

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