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Baby Care Centers are the BEST at Disney World!

I recently took my 7 month old to Disney World and I have to admit that this trip my favorite thing was the Baby Care Centers! They are located in all four theme parks and make a trip truly worry free for parents. I have been to Disney a every year for over 25 years and have never stepped in one (even while working there), so I was surprised how equipped they were. Here are some common concerns of traveling with babies and how Disney addresses these is a magical way!

where to nurse at Disney

Common Concerns:

Dirty Changing Stations – This was my biggest concern about traveling with a baby. Before the trip, I had only changed him once in a restroom. I was prepared with garbage bags as a barrier, lysol, wipes, etc. Little did I know that the changing stations are amazing! They are large like what you lay on at the doctors office and they put paper down for each kid. Many of the cast members cleaned between kids as well. Not only were they clean, but you had a ton of room so one person could easily change the baby with room for the diaper bag up on the station.

Where to nurse – As a nursing mom, I found it easier for me to use a cover and a bench in the park with an active 7 month old. However, for younger babies and if you are not comfortable on a bench, they have quiet nursing rooms equipped with plenty of rocking chairs. I did use this once and it was great.

changing station at Disney World

Forgetting something – The centers were stocked with all the essentials! Beyond formula and baby food, they also had bibs, supplies for mom and dad, diapers, binkys, everything really. Luckily I didn’t forget anything, but if I did I would have been covered.

Where to feed or take a break – Something else I thought was great was the room with a tv and a bunch of high chairs. It was a great place to unwind and refuel with little ones. Another room was available with microwaves to warm up food or bottles.

We joked that this was our son’s favorite part of the trip. For some reason he was obsessed with the paper lining on the changing stations and kicked his feet and laughed the whole time.

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