Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage

April 23, 2014 by MickeyTravels

On our most recent family vacation I knew I wanted to do something different and something magical my family and I would remember forever on our first night in Walt Disney World! Since we are huge fans of Peter Pan and all his friends I knew I had to try the Pirates and Pals fireworks voyage.

Wishes Nighttime Spectacular Disney

This magical adventure departs from Disney’s Contemporary Resort usually about 90 mins before Wishes Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom starts, out on the Seven Seas Lagoon. You must check the lobby event board when arriving to The Contemporary Resort and that will let you know where you are meeting that evening for the event. Once you arrive you check in and the whole family receives their pirate bandana and a card letting you know which boat you will be on Hook or Smee we were on Smee! They have tables for some coloring fun for the kids while you wait and within a few minutes the pirate guides greet everyone, Patch and Patch! They are both very comical. They then invite you into the room for a very large display of snacks, drinks, and desserts for everyone! Popcorn, pretzels, ice cream, coffee, juice, tea etc. oh and gold doubloons lots of them, this was my daughters favorite!

I pretty much had an idea of how the night was going to go but my daughter and husband had no idea so it was very fun to see their faces when Captain Hook and Mr. Smee showed up to greet and take pictures with everyone! After having all this pirate fun Patch and Patch will ask everyone to line up depending on which boat you are going on and follow them and Captain Hook and Mr. Smee down to the boat dock area where you board your boat. Hook and Smee will send you off they don’t actually go on the Boat with you, then you set sail with Patch who is full of lots of jokes and Disney Trivia and gets the whole boat involved which is a lot of fun, and the kids win prizes from answering the trivia questions correct (don’t worry at the end of the cruise Patch will make sure every child gets a prize from his loot box). You will get the best view you will ever have of the Electrical Water Pageant, we stopped right in front of it and it was beautiful, one of my many childhood memories and I had never seen it like this before!

Seven Seas Lagoon Disney

Then it is almost time for Wishes to begin so you will then be anchored right in front of the Magic Kingdom. It is amazing, relaxing, and no crowds! They pipe the music right into the boat and Wishes Nighttime Spectacular begins, it is beautiful!!

Once the fireworks are over and you start heading back to dock Patch starts telling the story of Peter Pan (I am smiling from ear to ear in excitement since he is both my daughter and my favorite character and I know what is about to happen) and as he tells the story you see Peter Pan waiting for you all to return. Everyone disembarks and follows Peter a little bit off the dock where you can then meet and greet with him. He is charming, fun, and wants to make sure you know to never grow up!

Hook or Smee Disney

I have been going to Walt Disney World my whole life and this is on the top of my favorite things I have ever done, it is well worth the extra cost ($57.50 ages 10 and up $33.01 ages 3 – 9) it is one of Walt Disney’s better kept secrets and something any Pirate, Peter Pan, or Wishes fan will absolutely enjoy and remember forever!!!

Please contact me to learn more about the Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage! All my services are 100% FREE!

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