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March 6, 2014 by MickeyTravels

Disneyland isn’t just reserved for California! Why not travel internationally and have a Disney experience by enjoying Disneyland Paris? Disneyland Paris has an assortment of accommodations, attractions for your entertainment, and restaurants. Every Disney sector in the world brings about its own original take on the Disney magic, Paris is no different!

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show Disney Paris

Disney Village in Paris has concerts, live music, street artists, and so much more! Billy Bob’s is where you see concerts in a saloon atmosphere worthy of being in an old western movie set, with all the modern structures and necessities, of course. The concerts range from pop rock to country, different performances each night and there is an online schedule.

Billy Bob saloon concert Disney Paris

There is something strictly for the adults, dads especially, there’s a pretty neat sports bar with beer on tap and large televisions galore. Navigating back towards the old west brings us to Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show with Mickey and Friends. Instead of “dinner and a movie,” the entire family can catch dinner and a show! Everyone can watch along as Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Chip ’n’ Dale take on the taming of the old, Wild West!

Alas, there can never be a “good time” without a good, old fashioned arcade. Disney Village has that handled so no worries! Nex Arcade is two levels of ultimate arcade gaming heaven. The lower level has all the dancing, racing, shooting, and flight simulating games to keep all ages and genders occupied while the upstairs level holds foosball, pool, and online games. Disneyland Paris sure sounds like a good time and we haven’t even gone into the food yet!

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