Disney World Packing Tips

March 8, 2012 by MickeyTravels

Taking a Walt Disney World vacation is a massive undertaking!  You’ve done the best thing by booking with an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.  Now let’s look at some Disney World Packing tips:

walking shoes, ponchos, first aid kit

* Poncho for Rain.  Some guests like to take the cheap, thin ponchos you can find at the Dollar Tree, etc.  They wear them on rides where they know they’ll get wet then toss them.  But in the heat of south Florida, they can become sticky if you have to wear them during a rainstorm.  I choose to pack a heavier plastic poncho.  They hang well, don’t cling to you and won’t blow around so much in the wind.

* Another good Disney World packing tip is to bring an extra pair of comfortable walking shoes.  Swap out your shoes each day.  Your feet will feel fresher and this will give your shoes a chance to dry well should they get wet from rain or sweat.  You’re going to be doing a lot of walking!

* First Aid Kit.  I know, everyone packs the meds they know they’ll need and even some band aids just in case.  But you need to make sure you have some sunburn ointment and some kind of blister protection.  Body Glide is a good product to prevent chafing/blistering.  And for those that get blisters on their feet anyway, try moleskin.

* Clothespins to clip the curtains together.  This will help keep the lights outside from waking you up.

* Powerstrip – for all the electronics we travel with!  Outlets are never in convenient places in a hotel room.  This will help you have enough places to plug in the cell phones, laptop, battery charger, etc. and will act as an extension cord so you can keep them where you can reach them.

* If you’re going to be using the refillable mugs at your resort, here’s a great tip:  Cut a kitchen sponge in 1/2.  Soak the sponge in some dishwashing liquid and allow it to dry.  Pack the sponges in a ziplock bag.  Now you have something less messy to wash out the mugs each night!

*Another Disney World packing tip — don’t forget extra memory cards for your camera!  And extra batteries, too!

* Hanging shoe organizer: With all the pockets these have, you’ll have someplace to store all your toiletries instead of cluttering up the bathroom counter.

* Sound Machines help drown out noise from the hallways, someone in the room getting up to go to the bathroom during the night, the snoring of your roomate…

* Night-Light so you don’t have to turn on a light to go to the bathroom.

* A small screwdriver can come in handy.  You’ll want to purchase a light up toy and may need to replace the batteries at some point.

So, those are some of the important Disney World packing tips you should take advantage of during your next visit to Disney World!

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Theresa McCoy
Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

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