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Wendy Walker – Illinois Disney Travel Agent

Hi! My name is Wendy Walker!

I come to you from the midwestern state of Illinois. I am a wife, capable of planning you a romantic Disney getaway. I am a mom of three, able of perfecting every detail of your family’s Disney vacation wishes. I’m also a nurse; providing caring, loving support to ensure your Disney dreams come true.

It all started with a mouse. My fascination with Mickey Mouse started at an early age. It is not often a high schooler carries around a Mickey Mouse backpack or a college dorm room is decorated with Mickey Mouse. Mickey brings such joy and happiness to my life, I want to bring that same joy to so many others.

My Disney passion will shine through as you embark on the most Magical Disney journey ever. Please know that my FREE services will work to make certain you and yours experience as many perfect Disney dreams as I have. May your family be delivered from the main entrance to Cinderella’s castle by your own chauffeured car. May you be lucky enough to be a participant in the Indiana Jones stunt show. May your husband spend the night  of his birthday on the steps of a Cinderella’s castle watching the light parade and the fireworks. May your daughter get to interact with the characters of the light parade as they dance by. May your son be proposed to not once but twice by the Step sisters, be pulled onto the street to dance, and be chose as a contestant on a game show in a street play.  May your memories be endless.

The Magic never ever stops. Let’s make your Disney dreams come true!!

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