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Sarah Berson – Pennsylvania Disney Travel Agent

Hi! My name is Sarah Berson!Sarah Berson

I live here in the Philadelphia, PA suburbs with my husband and my two kiddos, Sophie & Nate.

My love of all things Disney began as a small child, going to the parks while visiting my grandparents. I’ve been as a wee one, as a teenager, as a newlywed, and now with the kids and my family (and I mean, the WHOLE family)! I’ve even been by myself a few times! I’ve planned trips for one, reunions for 12, and everything in between. It’s magical to see it with a new set of eyes each time!

Working with me to plan your dream Disney vacation will be simple, seamless, and best of all, FREE! I understand that with all of the options Disney offers, planning your own trip can be overwhelming. There are all of the parks, all of the ticket options, all of the hotels, all of the restaurants! Where do you even begin? I want to take the pressure off of you, and allow you to just get excited for your trip!

I’ll be up-to-date on all of the upcoming promotions and celebrations to be sure you’re getting the best deals and the most fun out of your vacation. Arranging a Disney vacation is much more than just Fast Passes and Dinner Reservations. It’s sharing those hidden gems! For me, planning for Disney is almost as fun as being there (almost!).

I can be as involved in the process as you’d like! Maybe you know exactly what you want, but you just don’t have time to put it all together. Maybe you’re a Disney rookie and have no idea where to start. I can plan everything from start to finish, or maybe you want to take the reigns on some of the things you enjoy doing.

No matter the level, you will receive nothing but the outstanding service Disney is known for. It is the Gold Standard, and a big reason people return to Disney again and again. Your vacation is precisely that, and I will work to ensure that every aspect is a reflection of you and your family, and how you want your adventure to unfold.

Along with being on top of all the promotions, news, updates and celebrations, I am here for you with:

*Packing Lists

*Get-Excited Games while you countdown to your trip

*Plane Activities & Snack Ideas

*Dining Suggestions for Picky Eaters (I have 2 of my own!)

*Snack and Drink Recommendations (the Coconut Lychee Lemonade in Animal Kindom’s Drinkwallah is a Do-Not-Miss!)

*Non-Park Day Activities

*Taking Advantage of Disney Cruise Line Kids Clubs & Nursery

*Disney Without Kids!

*Maneuvering with Limited Mobility or Special Needs family members

If you’re not sure you need an agent, or just never thought about using one, read our testimonials! By allowing me to plan for you, you’ll have extra time to spend with your family, and not be behind a computer screen or on the phone! By giving me your ideas, likes and dislikes, we’ll work together as I custom plan your dream vacation, and I’ll be with you step after magical step!

Visit our Testimonials page to read what my clients have to say about me and MickeyTravels!

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Toll Free: 1-888-812-8750
Local: 1-908-334-2458

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