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Melissa Giguere – Maryland Disney Travel Agent

Hi! My name is Melissa Giguere!Melissa Giguere

I was born and raised in Maryland and live with my husband and two Disney obsessed kids.  As a child, I was lucky enough to travel to Walt Disney World a couple of times.  But my passion for Disney didn’t start until I was an adult.  Trip after trip was more exciting than the last and both of my kids visited for the first time before they were even a year old!

The thing that I love most about Disney is that every trip is different!  As my kids have changed and gotten older, so have our goals for each trip.  When they were younger, we spent lots of time at Magic Kingdom.  Now the focus is more on Hollywood Studios, doing things like Droid Depot and Savi’s Workshop or going on a Disney Cruise!  It’s important to me to take everyone’s interests into account as I plan my own family’s trips and would love to be able to help do this for you too!

I have a BA in Psychology and a master’s degree in elementary education.  I loved teaching elementary school for many years before having children and becoming a stay-at-home Mom.  Being a stay-at-home Mom was also a fantastic job!  But, once my kids got a little older, it was time to find the next job of my dreams.  Being a Disney travel planner is so exciting to me because I can put all of my strengths into one area….planning, organizing and my knowledge and love of Disney!

Let’s face it, a trip to a Disney destination takes a lot of planning!  Things are changing daily.  I enjoy listening to Disney podcasts, reading Disney blogs and watching Disney vlogs and promise to keep you informed of everything you need to know to make your family’s trip magical!  Best of all, my services are FREE!

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