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Mallory Newman – Indiana Disney Travel Agency

Hi! My name is Mallory Newman!Indiana Disney Travel Agency

A little bit about me: I grew up in southwest Michigan but now live just over the border in northern Indiana.  I am a stay-at-home mom to two awesome little boys and also have the cutest Aussie/Corgi named Leo.

I didn’t start going to Disney World until later in life. I grew up loving all things Disney and had always dreamed of going.  It wasn’t until my late teens that I first got to experience the parks and of course, was blown away by the magic of it all. My husband and I then honeymooned at Disney and now we get to enjoy it with our kids.  While we love to travel to new places. Disney will always be my favorite!

So why choose me as your Disney vacation planner? My goal is to help plan the perfect Disney vacation for YOU! I put emphasis on you because I believe planning a Disney vacation isn’t a “one size fits all” situation.  Maybe your goal for your vacation is meeting characters. Maybe you are a foodie and want some awesome dining experiences. Or maybe a more relaxing environment, such as a cruise or Aulani is what you are looking for. Whatever it may be, your dream Disney vacation may not look the same as your friend’s vacation and that’s OK! I am here to listen to what is important to you and then plan an amazing trip based on your preferences.

And the best part of all? My services are FREE! So there is no need to stress yourself out planning and learning all the ins and outs of Disney if you don’t want to. I will make sure you know all you need to know for your vacation so all you have to do is come back saying “Best. Vacation. Ever!”

Plus, I just love planning Disney vacations from my Indiana home and it would be an honor to help you plan yours too!

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