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Madison Hollar – NC Disney Travel Agent

Hi there! I’m Madison Hollar!Madison Hollar NC Disney Travel Agent

I am so excited you’re here! Walt Disney said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Over the course of 100 years, Walt Disney and his legacy continue to do the impossible. To me, Disney is not just a place, but an idea, a set of values, an experience, and a frame of mind. I strive to embody the dreams and values of Walt Disney everyday.

I grew up loving all things Disney, and I have a special affinity for Disney music (cue “You’ll be in My Heart” or “You’ve got a Friend in Me”).  As I’ve gotten older, not only has my love of Disney grown, but so has my appreciation for all the things that go into making the Disney experience what it is. From shows like Imagineering, Behind the Attraction and One Day at Disney, getting to learn about the people who have made magic across the globe is where my passion lies. One of my favorite attractions at Magic Kingdom is The Hall of Presidents. As a former social studies teacher and history buff, this attraction hits home for me in many ways. One day, I asked a cast member if they offered behind the scenes tours of the attraction, but they didn’t. However, the cast member was able to tell me things about The Hall of Presidents I wouldn’t have known otherwise (i.e., FDR has braces on his legs under his pants and starting with Eisenhouer, all of the suits worn were donated by the presidents themselves). This deepened my love and appreciation of this attraction, and it brings me joy to be able to share what with you! I love learning about and researching interesting facts about the architecture, attractions, resorts, and restaurants because it adds more magic to your experience.

As a twelve-year educator in NC, I am already a professional in customer service. I believe in order to plan magical trips for you, it is essential to build a relationship with you! It’s about knowing your favorite things about Disney and working to incorporate them into your trip. It’s also about listening and knowing your dreams and goals of your trip so that you come home ready to plan the next one. It is my goal to ensure your trips are as magical and stress-free as possible!

For me, Disney is not just a vacation; it is a lifestyle. It is a frame of mind. It is about believing in the magic and sharing the magic with others. My goal is to provide magical moments that turn into life-long memories for you and your family! So, reach out, and let’s start making magic together!

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