Already Have a Trip Booked?

We realize many of you find us after you have already booked your vacation directly with Disney. Not to worry! The good news is that we can still assist in Making Magic ™ if you’ve booked your vacation directly through Disney within the last 30 days and are not paid in full, you can transfer your reservation to us for FREE and receive all the same amazing benefits as if you had originally booked it through us.

NOTHING changes about your vacation – not your cost, not your reservation number, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  We’ll handle it with the same MAGIC and care we always do!

  • What’s exciting is that once your trip is transferred we begin to check on a daily basis to make sure your vacation is booked at the best available price!
  • We closely monitor for future discounts that may save you money, even after your trip is booked!
  • Should a promotion/discount be announced that you can take advantage of, we will automatically apply the savings to your existing reservation!
  • There’s no reason not to take full advantage of all of our FREE concierge services?

We’re always a mere phone call or email away – even while you are on your vacation. Our personal touch is what has earned us referral after referral of very satisfied clients with our One Vacation at a Time focus.

Contact us today to learn more and ask any questions related to a transferring your vacation to MickeyTravels!

Read what some of our clients who transferred their vacations to us had to say:

“Elyssa, we had the best vacation EVER! I can’t imagine going to Disney without your help! I’m so glad I was able to transfer my trip to you. What was thinking doing it all on my own??? Your itineraries were GREAT! We would have missed so much if not for them. From your contagious enthusiasm, to your unparalleled knowledge of all things Disney, you made our family vacation one we will never forget. The twins won’t stop asking Bob & me when we are going to go back. I can guarantee you one thing – when we do go back, you will be the first call we make before we do anything! By the way, I’ve already told many of my friends about you – in fact my cousin Beth should be contacting you today! Thanks so much for EVERYTHING!” ~ Taylor, Bridgewater, NJ

“Randee – Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I can’t say it enough to really show my appreciation! We got back yesterday and had the most AMAZING time…Disney World really is magical! Your advice was spot on with everything! I never would have known about so many things like where the best spots to see the parades are and where different characters would be and at what times! I would imagine if everyone knew how easy it was to transfer their vacation to you they all would! They’d be crazy not to… and to think your service is free!! I will never forget the expression on my girls’ faces when they left the Bibbidy Bobbity Boutique. Priceless!!! Randee, our vacation would not have been the same without your help. I could never have imagined how memorable of trip this would turn out to be. You made it a vacation my kids will remember with a smile on their face 50 years from now. For that, Dan & I are forever grateful. You’re the BEST!!!” ~ Lisa, Ambler, PA

“Elyssa, check out the attached pic of me with Mickey & Minnie! How cute!!! I made it my new profile pic on Facebook and it’s also my new screensaver. Oh yeah, there’s also a copy on my desk at work and one hanging on the fridge at home – I LOVE IT!!! Can you tell??? We took so many photos and video and are SO happy that we have these memories to cherish for many years to come. Michael hasn’t taken off his mouse ears since we got home and Hailey has been wearing her Cinderella costume non-stop. I’m so glad I found you! It was fate! Things happen for a reason I guess and transferring the trip to you was the best thing I ever could have done. Thanks for always being there to answer any of my questions and for making it such a wonderful vacation. Even Chris had a great time! He was teary-eyed when we were leaving (So was I!). He blamed it on allergies… yeah right! Get this — he even promised on the airplane home to take us on a Disney Cruise next year. Will keep you posted. Elyssa, THANKS SOOOOO MUCH for all your amazing help!!!” ~ Emily, Long Island, NY

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”~ Walt Disney


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