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Lee Anna Leister – Missouri Disney Travel Agent

Hi! My name is Lee Anna Leister!Lee Anna Leister

You can NEVER be too grown up for Disney! This has been my motto for as long as I can remember and my automatic answer anytime someone asks, “but aren’t you too old for Disney?”

I was 18 months old when I took my first trip and while I can’t recall many of the details something must have taken hold because I’ve been 15 times since and loved each trip a little more than the last.

While most of the time my approach to vacationing is laid back, take the days as they come, a Disney vacation is a whole new ball game. There is nothing that gives me quite as much pleasure as planning the perfect trip to Disneyland or Disney World, it does not matter, each place is special and I feel just like a kid every time I get ready to go back.

Everything from picking which “on property” hotel we will stay, to how we will organize our day to make sure we are at every show and parade, to dinner reservations and fast passes, I love it all and am determined to maximize every second of every day I’m there. I can’t wait to start sharing with others that same love and excitement for the most magical place on earth.

My heart always breaks a little when people that have just come back from their Disney vacation and all they can talk about is the stress and headaches that went into trying to fit everything into a short amount of time but the worst is when they say, “I don’t ever want to go back”.

Please let me help make sure your experience at Disney, whether it’s going to be your 1st or 15th trip, is nothing short of seeing your wildest Disney dreams come true. I am completely confident that I can help you plan wonderful memories that you and your family will talk about for years to come!

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