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Karlee Verdun – Illinois Disney Travel Agent

Hi!  My name is Karlee Verdun!

I am a single momma to a Disney loving little boy. From the movies to the vacations we cannot get enough. I took him on his first Disney vacation to Walt Disney world 3 years ago. That moment right there sparked my love for Disney even more. Just seeing the sparkle and Disney through his eyes has drawn me even closer.

Karlee VerdunI cannot say I have one favorite thing because each and everything is unique in its own way. From the parades, food, characters, shows, fireworks, resorts, the rides & even just turning the corner to see the beautiful castle. I can tell you that each and everytime I walk down Main Street, I know that I am home and it always puts tears in my eyes. Those are just some of the things I enjoy most about Disney! I look forward to helping you put this same sparkle in both you and your entire family’s eyes. I am also looking forward to helping you plan the most magical vacations that you will remember for a lifetime!

I currently live in Illinois with my son Bryson. I love being so close to my family, but I’m always excited to get to go home. We visit Walt Disney World frequently & each trip is unique in it’s own way. You learn so much more each trip, and have so many different things to experience. Always remember, Disney is for all ages. You’re never to young or old for this amazing experience.

Karlee Verdun

I know planning can get overwhelming at times, so let me help you! I will use any and all resources to make sure you enjoy every moment of your magical vacation. Most importantly, my services at MickeyTravels are absolutely FREE!

First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare. -Walt Disney

Karlee Verdun

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