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Jessica Thomas – Tennessee Disney Travel Agent

Kungaloosh! My name is Jessica Thomas!Jessica Thomas

I would love to share my passion for Disney with you in your planning of your Disney vacation. This will be no ordinary adventure when you book through me. My adventure begins in Memphis, Tennessee where I was born and grew up visiting my dad, who worked at a local Disney warehouse until its relocation. Those visits allowed me to see all kinds of Disney merchandise and begin my journey to admiring Disney far past just the movies.

My parents raised me to love what Walt Disney created in all of its many forms, music, movies, books, etc., but most of all destinations. Going to Disney World 30+ times in my life, so far, and continuously planning to return, the passion only continues to grow. This passion has continued throughout my life where I have experienced Disney in ways most could not imagine. Including working for Disney during my Disney College Program at Walt Disney World, from which I was able to access events and things the average person is not privy.

This has given me a different view on Disney that I think most could not experience without the program, and that I am forever blessed I did. Now as my adventure continues, I share this love and understanding with each new person that comes into my life. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a wonderful husband who loves Disney ALMOST as much as I do, without who’s encouragement and support I would not be in this wonderful place in my life that I am today.

Some say I was born with a sense of adventure in my DNA. My parents say it was given to me by a long lineage of adventures. I just say I was born for this. I have been adventuring since I was born, and there is nothing more exciting than the adventure of Disney. I want to help everyone experience the adventure that I love so much.

From the first time I saw Cinderella’s Castle walking up main street, to the amazing feeling of being beached up on Cast Away Cay. Let a Disney adventurer help you book and plan the best vacation you could ever dream.

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