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Jessica Lapadula – CT Disney Vacation Planner

Hi! My name is Jessica Lapadula!Jessica Lapadula CT Disney vacation planner

You’ve got a friend in me, and you can call me Jess!

I grew up and currently reside in Connecticut, but I have lived in Rome, Italy, and Washington D.C. I am a high school teacher by day, but a wife, mama, and a total Disney lover 24/7.

As a little girl, I would run around dressed as Esmeralda, put on Disney princess or Lion King “plays” for my family, and when I started musical theatre as a child, I wanted to make my mark singing, “Part of Your World.” As much as I wanted to go to Disney as a child, I didn’t get the chance until I graduated high school. Even though I was already an adult, the magic was more moving than I could ever imagine, and I haven’t stopped visiting the Mouse since!

If you’re thinking, “Great! I’m a Disney fan too! How will you help me, though?” I’ll share what makes me beneficial to your trip planning. As a teacher in CT, I have an affinity for research and this translates into my own hobbies. I spend lots of time making sure I am up to date on all the ins and outs of all things Disney via social media and YouTube, from merchandise to restaurants, from hotels to shows, and all Disney news. This has made me the go-to trip planner in my community of friends and family. I have a knack for adult fun in Disney, and a real love for creating magical moments for little ones like my own son, giving him the experiences I wish I had as a kid. Want to travel somewhere else? While Disney is hands-down my favorite place to be, I am also an avid world traveler, and that sets me apart. I have been to eleven countries via air and sea on all kinds of trips: mission trips, budget and backpacking, as well as hotel-comfort and foodie experiences. I have been in the mountains, on resorts, and found my way through airports and cities where I had no language skills and no Wi-Fi. “Adventure is out there”! I can’t wait to share my tricks and create the vacation of your dreams, and as my husband says, “Finally put all this information to good use!”

(After all, I have to keep up the “street-cred” with the Disney-themed bachelorette party, wedding cake, toddler birthdays, and all.)

I truly cannot wait to be “part of your world” – put on those ears, you’re going on a trip!

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