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Allison Schoolcraft – Missouri Disney Travel Agent

Hello! I’m Allison Schoolcraft!Allison Schoolcraft

Disney truly is the happiest place on earth! I did not grow up going to Disney, I don’t have childhood memories of visiting the parks or seeing the castle for the first time as a child. I am a Disney convert. My husband, Jamie, was the first person to take me to Disney World, it has always been his happy place. So much so, that he asked me to marry him on our first trip there and we have now returned so many times that I can’t imagine myself not going there.

Our love and appreciation of Disney has now been passed on to our three children: Noah, Eli and Cora. We have celebrated each of their birthdays and our youngest’s birth was even planned around a Disney trip. She visited her first time at two months to see her cousin’s band perform in the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

People ask us all the time – why do you keep going back to Disney? From a mom’s perspective, that is an easy answer – a Disney trip is simple. What I mean by that is; there is always food options for picky kids, if you have a kid with an allergy – Disney does the work for you, the resorts are spotless, the food is amazing, and if I want a night out with my spouse – there is always a childcare option. It is a vacation as much for the adults as for the kids.

Despite all of our trips over the years I am still discovering things that I have not seen or done in the parks. I am continually amazed, the detail that goes into every aspect of the park and resorts is remarkable. The sights, sounds, smells and even the occasional wildlife sighting can’t help but illicit a smile even among the most curmudgeonly person. The first sight of Cinderella’s Castle each time still catches my breath and the fireworks – oh my gosh the fireworks are amazing!!!!

At Disney I get to be fun mom. I get to be the person that says yes. I get to create happy memories with my kids; we scream, we laugh, we take ridiculous selfies and wear ears and funny hats. We eat amazing food, and ice cream is always okay for breakfast – and for the adults, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere. “The Rules” we typically live most days by, go by the wayside at Disney. Disney is our family’s form of a “Yes Day.”

I am so excited to start planning your family’s next vacation! Our services are absolutely FREE – and I am so excited to help create your next dream vacation!

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