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Daniele Corbisiero – New Jersey Disney Vacation Planner

Hi! My name is Daniele Corbisiero!Daniele Corbisiero New Jersey Disney Vacation Planner

I am a stay at home mom from Central New Jersey where I live with my Husband, our Son and Daughter! We are a Disney loving family!! Being a stay at home mom gives me the availability to be home with my kids and help my amazing clients book their trips and have time to sit down and plan with you and answer all your questions you might have!

Ever since I was a little girl I was OBSESSED with Disney! I had all the movies, I had posters, and so many toys. I would always have my cassette player with me in the car listening to The Little Mermaid soundtrack. When I finally got to go on my first trip to Disney World…WOW I was amazed on how truly magical it really was. As if I thought that I was already obsessed, I just opened a whole new world! All I could think about was how I can’t wait to keep coming back. Now that I have my own family seeing the magic through their eyes is even more rewarding! My son is always talking about when we go back what he wants to do first. I also had the pleasure of taking my Husband for his first trip to Walt Disney World. When we got home he could stop talking about what Resort he wants to stay at when we go back and how we have to go longer. Thats one of the coolest things about Disney, even as an adult you can see the Magic!

I have always loved helping Family and Friends plan their trips, and that’s when I realized that I had such a passion for helping others create these amazing memories that I want to do it for anyone and everyone. So I decided to become a MickeyTravels Travel Agent! Seeing the smiles and excitement on peoples faces when they plan a trip and then when they finally go, is so rewarding! To know that I had a part in helping you get to the day you have always dreamed about, makes my heart so full. Even if you have been to Disney many times, each time you go back is just as Magical !! I am a VERY organized person and I have so many tips and tricks that I can’t wait to share with you. Especially with kids! I can help you create the best outfits, share my favorite snacks, and SO much more!! I take pride in making sure that you and your family have the BEST time and I will do everything that I can to make sure of it. Planning your trip with me will be easy, fun and FREE! There is no fee for me to help you plan your trip, how cool is that?!

I can’t wait to get to know you and start planing your Disney Vacations for years to come!!

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