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Casey Thompson – Missouri Disney Vacation Planner

Hi! My name is Casey Thompson!Casey Thompson

I am so excited to be an agent with MickeyTravels! I have been married to my husband going on 11 years and we have 3 beautiful children. 2 boys and 1 girl. While I enjoyed Disney growing up, my husband never went as a child, so when we took our oldest for the first time, it was also my husband’s first time and I like to think I turned him into a Disney lover. Since that first trip we have taken 4 other trips together with many more planned for the future.

I have always had such a passion for Disney and when I did the Disney College Program in 2008, I fell even more in love with everything Disney had to offer! Being a cast member allowed me to learn the ins and outs of the most magical vacations which is what led me here! Since returning from my program I have planned my own family vacations as well as many others for friends and family and I have always been asked “Why aren’t you a vacation planner?”. I can now proudly say that I am! I have gone on many different kinds of Disney trips such as family, couples, girlfriends and will soon be taking just my boys! I have done RunDisney 5Ks and gone to multiple parks in one day! So many different possibilities to give clients when it comes to the types of vacations they are wanting to book. I am so excited to be starting this adventure and helping clients have the most magical experience at Disney and taking the stress away from them. I look forward to building new client relationships and getting to know all of you!

I believe that because I have gone on so many different adventures, I can say that I will listen when it comes to what the client wants and what their budget is. I think it is a common misconception that Disney can’t be afforded and that in order to get the full experience, you have to stay at the most expensive resorts. Also, because I have planned so many of my own vacations as well as friends and family, I can say that I thoroughly enjoy it and would love to take the stress of planning away from clients. For some that is one of the main reasons they don’t go. The stress of the planning is overwhelming and can sometimes be too much. That is where I will step in and take that away from you, because honestly, I love it! I love planning every little detail of a Disney vacation which is why I am so glad to be with MickeyTravels.

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