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Lindsey Perrin – Arkansas Disney Travel Agent

Hi! My name is Lindsey Perrin!Lindsey Perrin

Growing up an hour away from Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri, I truly understood and experienced the Walt Disney magic from such a young age!  As I have gotten older and started my own family (I have identical twin girls!), we see how important it is to create memories through our vacations, especially to Walt Disney World!

My amazing husband Cody and I have a deep passion and love for Disney as it brings such happy memories for both of our families and especially our young kids!  From experiencing the absolute true magic of Walt Disney World on Christmas morning, sweating out those hot June and July days, or taking a moment to relax and enjoy the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot in the fall, I find such joy and excitement in every moment!  Our family tradition is that every trip our first morning is a visit to Magic Kingdom.  I believe that nothing really gets you in that Magical Mindset like walking in and smelling the aroma of Popcorn and Caramel Apples, seeing the bustle along Main Street, and gazing at the beautiful Castle right in front of you! (Just typing this really is making me want to plan a trip… 😊)

Because of my families love for Disney and making magical memories, we have been Disney Vacation Club members for over 10 years!  The best part? We “kids” were already grown and out of the house, but my parents knew this would be a place we could have together to make us as kids and our families’ dreams come true for years to come!  I would love to take my knowledge and experience to help someone else feel the happiness of a vacation like this!  I come from a business background specializing in corporate event planning, fashion merchandising, customer service, and personalized selling. I feel like this experience is a perfect match that meets my passion and professional experience.

I would absolutely be thrilled and honored to help plan your dream vacation! Is it a quick getaway with your partner? A first-time family vacation to Walt Disney World? Maybe you are ready to set sea and try the Disney Cruise Line? Anything you would want to experience I am here to help you!  From Signature Dining experiences to Quick service meals, to a relaxing Spa day or a day at the Water Parks I can help you with all of it!  Disney has so many opportunities for you and your family to do what YOU want to experience! No trip is the same, and that’s the beauty of a Disney vacation!

A Disney vacation is a memory maker for your lifetime! Why not make as many memories as possible with those you love?  I cannot wait to live vicariously through your trip – that is what makes all of this so much fun!  Let’s get to planning!

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